SpongeBob Squarepants

2006-03-30 13:00

He's yellow and bright and he's the cutest thing under the sea. He is Spongebob Squarepants. You've watched the cartoon now here's the movie. It's bigger, better and more absorbent.

Who lives in a pinneapple under the sea?
(Spongebob! Squarepants!)
Absobant and yellow and pourous is he?
(Spongebob! Squarepants!)
Who's nautical nonsense be something you wish?
(Spongebob! Squarepants!)
So drop on the deck snd flop like a fish!
(Spongebob! Squarepants!)

A scary moment in this otherwise enjoyable piece of pop-culture is the scene featuring a cameo appearance by David Hasselhof, who saves Spongebob and Patrick from the 'one-eyed monster'.

Apart from that rather suspect notion, The Spongebob Squarepants movie works well for all fans of the TV series, which in itself has developed cult status in just over three seasons.

I was rather confused at the beginning of the movie when a bunch of live-action pirates appeared on the screen and I was disappointed because I was pretty sure the movie was animated, but to my relief the pirates were just some serious fans and the lovable sea creatures soon graced the big screen.

The inhabitants of Bikini Bottom find themselves in serious trouble when Plankton comes up with a plan to send Mr Krab's Krusty Krab burger chain out of business and take over the world by doing so. After going through an alphabet of bad ideas, he comes up with the ultimate idea: 'plan Z' and steals the secret recipe for the tasty Krabby Patties.

Ninety minutes is quite long for young kiddies to be sitting and watching the Bobmeister and his starfish buddy on their journey, (the pace of a Spongebob setpiece is quite frenetic) but I think it's a great film in any case. It almost made me shed a tear and I had to stop myself from singing along to Patrick's favourite song, so it has to be good. The few youngsters in the cinema turned their heads a few times when I laughed out loud all by myself.

As far as "the message" of the movie goes, Spongebob and Patrick learn some important lessons on the way, such as believing in themselves and that even children are capable of doing things right that adults can't.

What results is an epic adventure in which the pair encounters some slippery villains, as they frantically race back to Bikini Bottom to stop Plankton from taking over the world!

Besides the creepy Hasselhoff moment, you have to go and watch this movie. It's for all those serious Spongebob fans. Oh, take the kids too, they'll love it just as much.

- By Janine-Lee Gordon

This big screen debut of the hit cartoon TV show is gloriously silly fun that will delight both kids and adults.

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