2009-03-17 12:55

What it's about:

Young optimist Tristan (Charlie Cox) and his love interest Victoria (Sienna Miller) have both witnessed the same shooting star. He promises to find this exact fallen star, and bring it back to her as a token of his love. On his travels, Tristan encounters a magical world filled to the brim with interesting characters including ghosts, pirates serving under Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro), a sketchy tradesman (Ricky Gervais) and the extremely venomous witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer).

What we thought of it:

Simply put, this is a fantastic fantasy. Brilliant special effects of the highest order blend perfectly with enjoyable, well-rounded (and most importantly) fun portrayals by all cast members. This film doesn't take itself seriously at all, which is evident in the tone of the portrayals as well as the script.

But if magical places, surrealism and paranormal goings-on don't appeal to you, stay well away, this baby's bubbling over on all counts. But for fantasy fans, this can only get better with each viewing; new details will magically appear with each watching.

Criticisms? Cox seems to be impersonating Orlando 'Legolas' Bloom a bit, but this doesn't detract too badly from his performance. Veterans De Niro and Pfeiffer both seem to relish the immersing themselves in their roles.

Director Matthew Vaughn has had very limited experience in the film world, having only directed Layer Cake before this. Yet he rises to the daunting challenge well, adapting Neil Gaiman's novel with the skill of an old hand. One of Vaughn's many touches of brilliance, lies in the casting of Sir Ian 'Gandalf' McKellen as the tale's narrator. His gravelly tones and fantasy pedigree (in both the Lord of the Rings as well as X-Men films) are perfectly suited to filling us in on plot details, while also setting the tone.

Definitely one of 2007's greatest for escapists.

The journey of a young man takes him far and beyond his wildest dreams.

sanel 2007/10/22 12:03 PM
stardust I absolutely loved it. It is suprisingly funny. The acting is outstanding, I just loved R De Niro, Ms Danes is trully a star, Ms Pfeiffer rocks as the witch she is belivable. Im going to watch it again.
Curston 2007/11/05 11:42 AM
StarDust Absolutely crazy. This movie is amazing. And yeahh, it is suprisingly funny (very funny). Im not one for fantasy flicks but this movie is just simply rocks!!!!! One of the best comedic performances by all cast, especially Robert De Niro. 12 out of 10 Seriously
Hlakile 2007/11/11 11:44 AM
Yes! I liked this film. For my complete article, please visit:
Calvin 2007/12/05 11:03 AM
Awesome AWESOME! This movie was truly one of the best movies to come out in 2007. Superb casting, acting, and a great story will make this a classic of the fantasy genre.
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