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What it's about:

Don Vossie Vorster is a geeky bunny-hugger with a good heart. About to set off for Stellenbosch University, his proud father hands him a box. Inside he discovers a slightly tatty black bow tie.  In a tradition passed down from generation to generation, the eldest son in the Vorster family is given the honour of wearing the bow tie when he finishes high school. Armed with the bow tie and imbued with the courage to stand up for the things he cares about, he is ready to meet the girl of his dreams.

What we thought:

Strikdas tells the story of Don Vossie Vorster (Kaz McFadden), a quirky, nerdy guy who gets sent to Stellenbosch University by his artsy parents. Before he goes though, his father gives him a little box with a bowtie in it, and not just any bowtie, one that has been passed down from generation to generation in the family. His message to Vossie: Now is the time to live life to the fullest and find love.

Skip 10 months forward and Vossie has indeed embraced life on campus; he has joined the Stellenbosch Liberation Front with two quirky friends and they go on missions to save all living things. On one of these missions, Vossie manages to get past security and save a rat from being experimented on. As he escapes with the rat, he runs into a sobbing Willemien de la Harpe (Leandie du Randt) who just broke up with her boyfriend, AJ Blignaut (Sean-Marco Vorster).

Cue over the top Hollywood storyline. To spite her parents, manipulative Willemien decides to ‘kidnap’ Vossie and take him home with her to introduce him as her new boyfriend. Vossie thinks he is going on a coffee date and of course has no clothes or anything with him. Even when he realises that he is now staying on the farm for who knows how long with Willemien’s parents, there is no “Can I maybe go pick up some clothes?” All we get is, “I will sort you out with some of my dad’s clothes.” What is life even?

Williemien’s dad, Herman, played by Gys de Villiers, is of course not happy about this whole situation and wants her to rather marry her ex, AJ, who according to his standards is the perfect man. Vossie, who is not as stupid as he looks, realises that Willemien is only using him while Williemien actually starts questioning her motives and starts falling for him.

While there is nothing blatantly wrong with Strikdas, the erratic and unrealistic storyline just falls flat. It’s like the storyline tries too hard. And while most people totally believe opposites attract, that the nerdy guy gets the perfect, rich and attractive girl, in this case it was just a tad too unbelievable.

The fact that Vossie has so little dialogue, and him and Willemien don’t ever really get to know each other, but they fall for each other anyway, is truly a pity as the actors in this film could have been used so much better. Leandie du Randt, Kaz McFadden, Gys de Villiers, Susanne Beyers and Albert Maritz are all excellent actors and play their parts as well as they can.

Strikdas is in the end a sweet story, and if you’re fine with a predictable story, then you will like it.

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