Superhero Movie

2008-10-10 14:39
What it's about

After being bitten by a genetically altered dragonfly, high school loser Rick Riker (Drake Bell) develops superhuman abilities like incredible strength and armored skin.

Rick decides to use his new powers for good and becomes a costumed crime fighter known as “The Dragonfly.” However, standing in the way of his destiny is the villainous Lou Landers (Christopher McDonald).

After an experiment gone wrong, Lou develops the power to steal a person’s life force and in a dastardly quest for immortality becomes the supervillain, “The Hourglass.”

With unimaginable strength, unbelievable speed and deeply uncomfortable tights, will the Dragonfly be able to stop the sands of The Hourglass and save the world?

What the critics said

"There are a few lively bits, and one joke with an edge: a slap at Stephen Hawking and his computer-drone voice. Mostly, though, this is super-lame."
Owen Gleiberman - [Entertainment Weekly]

"Essentially a retread of every bad grade-school joke you're happy to have forgotten."
Rob Humanick - [Slant Magazine]

"This parody film plagiarizes Spider-Man to virtually laughless effect."
Todd Gilchrist - [IGN Movies]

"This super-powered spoof just doesn't fly."
Tony Horkins - [Empire Magazine]

"To call Superhero Movie a satire, or even a parody, of the genre specified in its title would be misleading, since those terms imply at least an attempt at wit. But no real mockery is intended by this mindless grab bag of slightly used gags."
A.O. Scott - [New York Times]

"70 minutes of good if unmemorable fun sure beats 80 or 90 minutes of excruciating parodies for dummies, a la Date Movie and Epic Movie."
Dennis Harvey - [Variety]

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A send-up of superhero films, from Batman Begins to Fantastic Four.

grant aubin 2008/10/15 4:00 PM
superhero movie sucks This dreadful scattershot spoof of "Spider-Man" is absolutely dreadful. Although it's not as quite as bad as "Meet the Spartans" or "Epic Movie", that's no recommendation. However, boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 12 will find parts of it really funny. Unfortunately, as this juvenile comedy has a 13 age restriction, they will have to wait for the DVD Are the film classification Board working in cahoots with the video stores perhaps? This should have been PG rated instead. Then normal people's youngsters could see it, and the fundementalists and/or prudes could force their kids to stay clear. Anyway, I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone over 14. So perhaps the age restriction should have been NO ONE OVER 13 - instead of the other way around.
Andre Jardim 2008/10/27 1:07 PM
Absolute bollocks! Don't waste your money, don't waste your time, don't waste your breath, don't waste your energy watching this absolute piece of crap! It's not funny in any way - it doesn't raise even a snigger or a smile. It caters to the dumbest of the dumb, or the most early adolescent of purile 'humour', and here even the word 'humour' is a misnomer! It's stupid, banal, vacant of any innovative thinking, and a total waste of 80 minutes. Keep away! You have been warned!
Cliff Bradley 2008/11/08 12:54 AM
Superhero Movie Funny,Comical And These Other Guys Have No Idea What They Are Talking About
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