2009-11-12 14:56

What it's about:

In a futuristic world, people interact through their robotic surrogates which venture out into the world for them. When a surrogate is 'murdered' and its operator (human) also dies, police officer Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) steps into the real world as himself for the first time in years. He's looking for the special weapon that can inflict this damage and he's against the clock to save everyone using a 'surrie'.

What we thought of it:

Imagine a world where you are as beautiful, healthy and adventurous as you want to be. Nothing can hurt you. Behind these beautiful robots lie fragile, secluded humans too afraid to expose their own skin to the real world. Bruce Willis's surrogate looks decidedly different from the real-life version, sporting a bad toupé instead of his natural shaved head and dishevelled, grey appearance. It's really just one big leap up from plastic surgery.

The concept is interesting, but not very new. Dr Lionel Canter developed surrogates, and they've become accessible to almost every human. When his son 'borrows' his surrie for a night out on the town, he's killed by a secret weapon. Canter realises that his greatest technological feat that was meant to protect him and his family has resulted in his son's death. What ensues is an attempt at twisted plot lines, but the result is simply confusion.

The film borrows heavily from other similar movies like The Matrix (especially when you see the humans connecting into their surries), The Island and others. One would imagine that a concerted effort would be made to offer something unique to set this type film apart from its predecessors. Unfortunately, the concept is marred by a lacklustre script focusing too heavily on the human element and not paying attention to the finer details that drag the film into corny territory.

The technology and special effects look very 90s, making the movie feel a little backward instead of futuristic. In addition, mostly unknown actors and poor special effects make it impossible for the audience to plug into this story.

Bruce Willis as Greer isn't funny or scary or endearing. He's a whimper of a man, wishing for the old days like a grandpa. Bruce Willis is hero material, and here he's just a zero. And the fact that the producers blew their budget on his star appeal and skimped on everything else makes it even sadder.

I was so excited for this movie, thinking it would take the ideas of living in a virtual world to a new level. Unfortunately it just trivialises the immense possibilities in bringing a story like this to life.

Bruce Willis fails to inject life into a robotic, stale story that just never adds up.

Bjorn 2009/11/13 7:23 AM
Have to agree with you SAM, I was also looking forward to it and it sucked big time. District 9 stays on top for my list for best Sci Fi movie for 2009
Deric 2009/11/13 4:31 PM
District 9?!!?? I would rather watch Mama Mia for 24 hours while tied with barb wire and being whipped than watch that crap again! I was tempted to see Surrogates, but if Bjorn thinks its worse than District 9, I am staying away!
Jay 2009/11/13 6:02 PM
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You lot obviously have no taste in movies! Both District 9 and Surrogates IMHO were excellent movies...or perhaps it was not "metro sexual" enough for you? Wikus haha he played that part so well and Bruce, well he's a legend and always will be. Grow a pair you lot, bunch of sissies, real movies for real men haha
Plazma 2009/11/14 7:15 AM
Sam Brighton displays complete ignorance of the sci-fi genre, and cannot write. How does an audience "plug into" a story?? Sam, you totally missed the point with this movie, and your writing is sub-standard. You should be ashamed.
imran tayyab 2009/11/20 7:39 PM
have a good
imran tayyab 2009/11/20 7:42 PM
Alta 2010/01/02 9:33 PM
This movie had a brilliant concept, but it was blown by going down some pretty silly paths and never really recovering from that. I would have loved for them to go deeper into the humans reasons for living through surrogates. Cant believe crime could be the only reason! Bruce Willis was his adequate self, but didnt add much to the production. This wasnt really a terrible movie just mediocre and forgettable- which is in some ways worse than being terrible.
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