2015-05-29 08:56

What it's about:

A Foreign Service Officer in London tries to prevent a terrorist attack set to hit New York, but is forced to go on the run when she is framed for crimes she did not commit.

What the critics say:

Amid the choppy action and whirl of sketchy characters lie muddled messages about revenge, greed, war, hubris and the endless ripple effects of 9/11.
- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

There's no question where any of this is going, and although the chase can be entertaining at times, the movie is ultimately forgettable.
- Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

As nimble as she is onscreen as Kate Abbott, Jovovich can't evade the movie's dull obviousness and Philip Shelby's unintentionally comic script.
- Linda Barnard, Toronto Star

Survivor feels like a spy flick made by an intelligence that has no idea how life on Earth actually works.
- Chris Knight, National Post

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