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Sydney White and the Seven Dorks

2008-05-20 16:04
What it's about:

In this modern take on the classic fairytale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", Sydney (Amanda Bynes) is an awkward freshman in college who discovers that pledging her late mother's sorority is no walk in the park. A bit of a tomboy, Sydney's disheveled charm is not welcomed by the snobbish sisterhood. The ostracised teen ends up living with seven campus misfits and together they take on the campus queen in a bid to annihilate the prejudiced hierarchy.

What we thought of it:

With lead character names like Rachel Witchburn and Tyler Prince, Sydney White could not be more obvious or predictable. So disregard significance and enjoy with frivolous delight.

The adaptation of the story into our modern, tech-crazy times is charmingly ingenious and surprisingly funny. Bynes is armed with good comic timing and of course, the deeper moral lesson of what it takes to gain social acceptance of the "real you" is always fitting for any age.

Bynes is a long-time favourite on the tween scene. While never reaching Hanna Montana and Lizzie McGuire prominence, she does seem to have staying power. Her casual, unassuming demeanor makes her very likeable. She doesn't take herself too seriously and appears to be genuinely enjoying herself in the title role.

Sara Paxton, who plays Bynes' nemesis Rachel Witchburn, has also long flown low on the Hollywood radar in tween favourites like Sleepover (2004) and Aquamarine (2006).

Sydney White is everything one would expect from a movie of this nature – everything ends perfectly for the heroine and good always conquers evil. But don't let that deter you from seeing it. While this is no Oscar contender, it's scattered with little gems that make it worth the watch.

- Ashlin Simpson

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