That Awkward Moment

2014-04-11 09:35
What it's about:

Three Manhattan bachelors make a pact to have as much fun as possible while remaining single. They find themselves where we’ve all been—at that confusing "moment" in every dating relationship when you have to ask, "so… where is this going?"

What we thought:

That awkward moment when High School Musical heart throb Zac Efron is turning out to be a really funny leading man in his adulthood. As per usual SA is a bit behind in getting That Awkard Moment to its cinemas, we finally have a fun quirky comedy perfect for date nights which is perfect for both the boyfriends and the girlfriends.

Although the script was featured on the Hollywood Black List for best un-produced plays in 2010, it has not received very favourable reviews in the US since its release in January.

Personally, however, this was one of the first movies in the rom-com genre which was aimed at my age-group (professional mid-twenties) and was pretty relatable by delving into the modern dating scene and the fallacies of ticking the study, career and marriage boxes too early in life.

Okay okay, That Awkward Moment is definitely not thaaat deep, as three guys just wanna hook up with random girls and then realise that they actually do want relationships (with the exception of the newly divorced guy who needs to get over being in one). It is not exactly ‘never-been-done-before’ plotlines, but it had enough hilarious unique scenes that were unique. Where else will you see Efron arrive at a smart-dress-up party wearing a dildo? Like its title implies, the parade of awkward moments in the movie will make cringe with laughter.

Besides the gorgeous, hotter-than-hell Efron (got a bit side-tracked there), there were a couple of fresh faces that helped adding freshness to the movie itself. From TV stardom we had Jessica Lucas (Melrose Place) and not-too-bad-himself Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Friday Night Lights) who plays a young married couple heading for divorce. The other two much lesser known ladies Imogen Poots (Need For Speed, Filth)and Mackenzie Davis kept their own with their charm and wit, as well as their beauty.

And then there was Miles Teller. A name you might now recognise but you will his face. It feels like he’s everywhere at the moment, probably helped on by his acclaim in The Spectacular Now, but he is a bit like a younger Seth Rogen – a somewhat offensive and vulgar humour that you can’t help but laugh at and a face you both want to punch and kiss at the same time. He also appears in Divergent (where he plays yet another douchebag) but seeing as The Fantastic Four is in his future, he might have to start mixing it up a bit.

Sometimes though it felt like the film focused too much on the beauty of all the pretty actors (many Efron ab shots) and in some places that was all that carried it. But then another funny one-liner or awkward moment come along and fall back into feeling like it is a comedy. A bit of a see-saw trip, but it makes for good scenery.

I won’t recommend That Awkward Moment for anyone from the previous generation as I don’t think they would appreciate the humour of trying to pee with a boner, but if you feel like you need a reminder that love is out there somewhere in the jungle of the modern dating scene, let the Hollywood magic flow over you.

A refreshing update for the rom-com genre that isn’t about mid-thirty city-slickers obsessing about finding the perfect man.
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