The Actors

2006-03-30 12:34

Anthony O'Malley (Michael Caine) is a vain and ageing classically trained actor who laments the fading of his 'glorious past', when he made a decent living from voiceovers and American TV. O'Malley plays a self styled mentor to Tom (Dylan Moran), a young and aspiring thespian whose career is going nowhere more exciting than humiliating auditions for a sausage ad.

Stuck in a rut and earning a pittance in an hilariously misconceived Dublin production of Shakespeare's "Richard III", the pair are at an all time low.

One night in their dressing room, O'Malley reveals that he has been frequenting one of Dublin's more notorious pubs. There he has met Barreller (Michael Gambon), a gormless criminal deeply in debt to a London gangster, the mysterious Magnani, whom he has never met.

Spotting what he considers to be a foolproof swindle, O'Malley proposes that Tom masquerade as one of Magani's henchmen and intercept the money owed by Barreller. He convinces Tom that this will serve as invaluable (and much needed) acting training.

But what should have been a simple con job turns into a spiral of cover-ups which see Tom having to adopt more and more characters to prevent his cover being blown. However, the more characters Tom creates, the more his confidence grows and it soon becomes apparent that despite being an appalling stage actor, in real life he can hold his own rather well.

The situation is further complicated when Tom falls for Barreller's beautiful daughter, Dolores (Lena Headey) who starts to see through their flimsy plan. And if that wasn't enough, Magnani herself (Miranda Richardson) makes the trip from London to Ireland in an attempt to establish the whereabouts of her missing cash.

What the critics are saying:

" has no pretensions to be art - simply a good laugh."
- Nev Pierce, BBCi Film

"Enjoyable lightweight entertainment and marks stand-up comedian Dylan Moran as an endearing talent to watch."
- Mark Adams, Hollywood Reporter

"A tour-de-force for Moran and an inspirational comic performance from Caine."
- The Wolf,

Michael Caine and Dylan Moran sparkle in this lightweight but thoroughly enjoyable comedy about a pair of actors turned con artists.

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