The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl

2006-07-17 16:18


Sometimes the most amazing superheroes are the ones inside your dreams. So discovers ten-year-old Max (Cayden Boyd), an outcast little boy who has become lost in his own fantasy world in an attempt to escape the everyday worries of dealing with parents (David Arquette and Kristin Davis), school bullies and no-fun summer vacations.

Max's imagination has him blasting off on a mission to Planet Drool with Shark Boy (Taylor Lautner), a kid once lost at sea and raised under the watchful fins of sharks only to become half-shark; and Lava Girl (Taylor Dooley), a volcanic beauty who emits leaping flames and red-hot rocks!

Planet Drool looks like the perfect kid paradise until Max meets up with the shocking Mr Electric (George Lopez) and his sidekick Minus (Jacob Davich) who are trying to do away with all dreams forever. With Shark Boy and Lava Girl in trouble, only Max can guide them - by imagining every clever move of their wily escape from Mr Electric's lair. Speedily conjuring up an incredible array of gadgets, gizmos, contraptions and cool ideas... Max learns the power of turning his dreams into reality.

What the critics are saying:

"An innocent and delightful children's tale that is spoiled by a disastrous decision to film most of it in lousy 3-D."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Robert Rodriguez's intentions seem honorable: to make a charming, low-tech, 3-D movie for children, based on the writings of his preteen son. But the result is astoundingly boring and, frankly, tedious to sit through."
- Desson Thomson, Washington Post

"It's not just that this fable about a picked-on kid whose dreams come true is an excruciatingly dumb kids' movie. It's that it returns us to the bad old days of 3D, when the images were rendered too murky to appreciate."
- Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press

Don't be fooled - this half-baked 3D adventure will hurt your eyes and waste your time.

Jerome 2005/10/06 3:37 PM
shark boy and lava girl i think its a movie for babies the perfect catch
asakalwerdihwas 2005/10/08 1:07 PM
lava girl meets denzel washinton at the eifell tower on the 75/9000 in the future this movie is the most suckiest movie eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cinderella mans
Alagea 2005/10/08 1:13 PM
Adventures of shark boy and lava girl Its a movie fit for a King. Excellent work C.S. Lewis. I am espacially impressed by the way the movie is presented/3D.the bestes movie in the whole world. should be rated a CLASSIC movie. Takalani Sesame: The reunion of JAba Jaba
jasmine 2006/07/23 9:32 PM
harsh as a kid i think the movie was very intertaning and it was meant for kids mostly so dont be so harsh if you didnt like dont wach it
lilly 2006/12/06 11:40 AM
give the movie a break I don't think that Robert Rodriguez wanted a oscar for this movie... He falls in the same category as Quintin Tarenteno.. you either like his stuff or you don't. I think that this movie is just a personel contribution on his part to the cinema. The movie touches on the unconcious mess that dreams can be... It can be a real potrat of child dreams filled with simbolism. children does'nt have the coping meganismes that adults have... and dreams play a very important part in how children work through a trauma like a divorce. I think that this movie is not intended as a the new favourite amongst children. Adults with imagination might see the value in this movie. But then again only Rodriguez knew what his intentions with this movie was. It was almost as if he pasted his own imagination onto the big screen withou thinking what the audience would think... It is not that brilliant.. but was it intended to be? Maybe it is just the directors personel plessure thrown into the world of movies.
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