The Boy Next Door

2015-03-27 14:57

What’s it about:

A recently cheated on married woman falls for a younger man who has moved in next door, but their hot affair soon takes a dangerous turn.

What we thought:

I got really excited about watching this movie as I have to admit I am a fan of Jennifer Lopez’ acting and its been a while since we’ve seen her in a film.

It also stars a hot young actor who we’ve seen a lot more of, thanks to J.Lo’s need to tag him along everywhere but anyway back to the movie.

Jennifer Lopez leads the cast and plays Claire in this psychological thriller that explores the good old forbidden attraction that goes too far.

Yes, it’s a story of a young 19-year-old boy (yes its legal), Noah, who appears out of nowhere and befriends Claire’s son only to be secretly attracted to his mother.

Claire is the lonely mom who is separated from her cheating husband played by John Corbett.

Noah happens to be Claire’s next-door neighbour and she begins to take a liking to this handsome and charming boy played by the hottie himself, Ryan Guzman.

After one night of probably the best scene in the movie, yes the very passionate sex scene between the two co-stars, Claire wakes up knowing she has made a big mistake.

And the rest of the film Noah gets crazier and crazier, taking on the psychopathic role where he believes Claire is his true love.

In true psychotic style he begins stalking her; hacking her computer; turning her son against her; assaulting her best friend, you get the idea…

I am a sucker for a good thriller but this movie fell short in its fast and oddly paced plot. Even the "thriller" aspect of the film is not really there while there are a couple of suspense filled scenes towards the end and a "cringe-worthy" one involving an EpiPen the story left us wanting a little more.

What’s good about the film: J. Lo is solid in it, and the "boy next door" is actually not a bad actor. The seduction and sex scenes are pretty hot, but it does accelerate the crazy pretty quickly thereafter. But it’s certainly worth seeing if you're up for the classic stalker type film.

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