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The Cave

2006-08-11 13:04


Deep in Romania's Carpathian Mountains, a team of scientists stumbles upon the ruins of a 13th century abbey. On further inspection, they make a startling discovery - the abbey is built over the entrance to a giant underground cave system. Local biologists believe the cave could be home to an undiscovered eco-system, so they hire a group of American cave-explorers to help them investigate its depths. Jack (Cole Hauser) and his brother Tyler (Eddie Cibrian) are thrill-seeking professional cave explorers who run a team of the top divers in the world. They arrive in Romania with all the latest equipment, including a new type of scuba tank allowing a diver to remain submerged for up to 24 hours. The crack unit, which also includes Charlie (Piper Perabo) and Buchanan (Morris Chestnut), immediately begin their exploration. But what they find deep inside the cave is not just a new eco-system, but an entirely new species.

What the critics are saying:

"The Cave isn't just a bad movie, it's a very, very, very bad movie, so bad that it can't even redeem itself by turning into high camp."
- Teresa Wiltz, Washington Post

"Feels stunningly familiar as it goes through the rote edicts of the scientific crew vs. toothy beastie formula."
- Robert Koehler, Variety

"Most everyone in the audience, except those rendered unconscious by boredom, will see the 'big twist' plot turn coming well in advance, although the qualifiers 'big' and 'twist' seem overblown and inexact."
- Amy Biancolli, Houston Chronicle

This humdrum "horror" about a group of cave divers makes other B-grade monster movies look like high art.

Andre Jardim 2006/05/09 1:44 PM
The Cave - down in the dumps I hired this on DVD in London, and realised halfway through that I could have spent my money in better ways. Mechanical acting, tawdry special effects, banally boring plot as predicatable as sunrise, all are reflected in the actors' very painful acting. When will somebody come up with a beastie-horror movie that is BELIEVABLE??? Really, don't waste your time, energy, or money on this one - not even if it comes out on TV, not even if it shown to you one day as a resident in your old-age home. You'd have more thrills watching a snail cross a semi-busy road in Kuruman...
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