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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

2008-08-12 14:12
What it's about:

Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan return to Narnia after one year and discover a completely different world to the one they left behind. In Narnia, 1300 years have passed since the Pevensie siblings left. Now they face a new battle as they're enlisted to restore order and help the exiled Prince Caspian regain his rightful position as king.

What we thought of it:

C.S. Lewis understood fantasy, but more importantly, he understood child-friendly fantasy. And as you are hurled back to World War 2 England and reintroduced to Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan you realise that the significance of the story is as relevant today as it was back in the 40s and 50s. The second part of the Narnia series makes for pleasurable escapism, and in a world that is terrifyingly cruel, Narnia is a welcome respite for its protagonists as it is to its modern day audience.

The Pevensie siblings face more moral dilemmas as they fight the good fight and attempt to combat evil in the absence of Aslan. While Lucy's childlike conviction is unswerving, the older siblings have become cynical. The underlying theme is definitely averted towards maintaining unwavering faith in the seemingly intangible, and while this concept is strongly aligned to Christianity, it's hardly exclusive.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is glossy, with beautiful imagery and scenery (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe pales by comparison), but somehow it isn't as magical as the first movie. And while nothing beats your first time, Prince Caspian plays out at a different pace and takes into account that its audience has grown three years older.

Unlike the first instalment, Disney has injected its own little something - witty forest animals and comedic modern day references reminiscent of Shrek and all its chirps. While this veers slightly off track from the Narnia aesthetic, it does modernise the movie, making it more accessible and enjoyable to a larger audience. Unfortunately it also strips away the convincing fantasy world Lewis created.

Prince Caspian is fantasy at its most profound, but it has enough varnish to satisfy any audience.

- Ashlin Simpson

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The second instalment of The Chronicles of Narnia surpasses its predecessor with more gust, sorcery and witty sword-wielding mice.

Elna Chapman 2008/06/06 1:09 PM
Narnia, Prince Caspian If the trailer is anything to judge by this is going to be an even bigger hit than the first movie. A rare occurance for a follow-up to surpas the original.
THE BOSS 2008/06/20 9:46 AM
Kim 2008/06/30 2:04 PM
Enchanting The sequel has a whole other feel from the first film but you are left wondering why the lion did not get involved sooner if he could just set everything right. Parts of te plot are left hanging and not explained and you are left at a bit of a loose end that appears to be a quick make-shift finish whenthe credits roll The movie is very very long and while it is engaging eventually you do want it to get to a climax and end. An "okay" movie that will be just as worth getting on dvd instead of seeing on the big screen.
Andre Jardim 2008/07/10 12:47 PM
Prince Has-been Admittedly, I enjoyed Prince Caspian FAR more than I enjoyed The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I found the first movie looked cheap and the CGI was horrible. In the 2nd installment, the CGI is much more convincing and realistic. However, the story is somewhat pedantic and dragged. Prince Caspian impresses as a limp, weak-willed ninny, and I couldn't understand what the point of the thick Mediterranean accents was. Still, saying so, I found the story more grown-up with good themes on integrity, faith and hope. Still, do yourself a favour and read the books, and it will fill in the big gaps left by the movie. Overall though, its not a bad movie, but so far, Narnia still pales in comparison to the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson.
Karen 2008/07/11 3:08 PM
Fairytale-ish Loved the LW&W, with PC coming in on its heels. Loved the fact that the characters were developed a bit more. It also helped to stare at yummy Prince Caspian for 2 hours... mmmmm. All jokes aside: a fun movie, worth the wait. If you are NOT a die-hard fan of fantasy adventures - wait for the DVD and a rainy night.
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