The Condemned

2008-05-06 17:44
What it's about:

A billionaire television producer (Robert Mammone) has created an illegal 48-hour reality online game show where the world's deadliest inmates on death row are selected to fight to the death on a desolate island – with freedom as the prize to the sole survivor. But when Jack Conrad ('Stone Cold' Steve Austin) becomes a last-minute replacement for one of "the condemned", what the production crew think is their biggest windfall will become Jack's worst nightmare.

What we thought of it:

It seems WWE Films are getting better at this "movie making business". Although The Condemned isn't exactly Rambo, it isn't The Marine either. With a significantly better cast than in previous productions as well as fairly competent script writers and a half decent director, The Condemned is exactly what WWE fans want – carnage, violence and cruelty in very bad taste.

Former wrestler Austin displays far more emotion than the vegetable-like John Cena, while the writing credits are shared by Rob Hedden (who helped pen "Friday the 13th: The Series" as well as episodes of TV classics "MacGyver" and "Knight Rider") and director Scott Wiper (who has written scripts for the likes of kung-fu maestro John Woo and action producer guru Joel Silver).

For the average moviegoer The Condemned might be too brutal, but for WWE fans Wiper simply hasn't packed in enough Stone Cold stunners, elbow drops, piledrivers and spinebusters to produce a film worth Stone Cold Steve Austin's wrestling reputation. Even worse, as the film progresses, Wiper seems to suddenly develop a conscience and chucks in a preachy guilt-trip – which won't be received well by the average 16-year-old WWE glutton.

But it's not all trash. Vinnie Jones puts on a marvelous display of psychopathic villainy and the acerbic Rick Hoffman adds his own special style of black comedy in between tense scenes.

So while Wiper copped out and took the moral high road in the end, wrestling fans should be satisfied with 112 minutes of brutal entertainment. The rest of you: give it a miss.

- Megan Kakora

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WWE fans will enjoy this action flick. The rest of humanity will be condemned to suffer through it.

jon 2008/02/28 9:13 AM
Bring it on STEVE! I love it. I love it. I Love it!!! Bring it on Steve Austen you bad A## ! When does it start!
dustin 2008/02/28 6:02 PM
hello??? Jon, how old are you, 12?
Zk 2008/02/29 8:52 AM
!! Dustin, you don't have to be 12 to enjoy wrestling. Megan its not Austen, its Austin.
jon 2008/03/04 9:37 AM
Dunce-stin Shame Dunce-stin looks like you never got to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, no unfortunately I'm not 12, but damn I sure wish I was! You know what I'm talking about eh Zk?
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