The Fog

2006-07-12 17:15


An island off the Oregon coast is the setting for this ghost story. A fog-enshrouded schooner from 1865 returns from the bottom of the sea to wreak vengeance on the locals of the island, and it's up to local DJ Stevie Wayne (Selma Blair), her charter-boat-captain lover, Nick (Tom Welling), and his wayward girlfriend, Elizabeth (Maggie Grace), to save the day. All three are related to the town's founding fathers, with whom the shipbound ghosts have an ancient score to settle. What that score is no one seems to know, but they need to find out, fast.

What the critics are saying:

" can count the decent scares on the fingers of one mitten. Any way you look at it, it's a case of bad gas."
- Matthew Leyland, BBC Movies

"The fog also does something genuinely eerie: It causes everyone in the cast to deliver dreadful performances and display inappropriate reactions when their friends are drowned, burned, stabbed or thrown into glass display cases."
- Jami Bernard, New York Daily News

"We're meant to be unsettled by digital spectres, reckless Mack trucks, and rotting old pirates who look every bit as terrifying as the guy on the Fisherman's Friend cold-lozenge box."
- Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

This by-the-numbers remake of a bland 1980 horror film is about as scary as a light drizzle and about as exciting as a weather report.

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