The Game Plan

2008-06-20 15:41
What it's about:

The life of an arrogant professional football player is abruptly changed when eight-year-old Peyton (Madison Pettis) shows up at his front door claiming to be his daughter from a previous relationship. Joe Kingman (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), the star NFL quarterback who relishes his carefree bachelorhood, is suddenly forced into fatherhood to protect his public image and high-paying sponsorships.

What we thought of it:

The Game Plan is your typical "movie in a box" family entertainment created by the Disney machine. It's filled with wholesome apple-a-day goodness and fairy cupcake sweetness.

While the storyline is basic and predictable, Dwayne Johnson's awkwardness in the softer role is precious, making him oddly likeable. It's heartwarming to see big ol' Rock prance around the adorable Madison Pettis. The Rock has lodged himself firmly in the genre of sanitary adolescent movies with the only pay-off – besides the millions of dollars – being Kids Choice Awards nominations. But in many ways it's better than going the cheap B-Grade action hero route. No offence, Jean-Claude.

Ten-year-old Pettis is no newbie to Disney. She has a recurring role on Disney Channel's "Corey in the House" and had smaller parts in "Hannah Montana" – and she's seriously cute.

There are some worthy comical moments but for the most part it's all squeaky-clean, high-polished family entertainment fit for an under-twelve Saturday night sleepover.

- Ashlin Simpson

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An NFL quarterback is unexpectedly forced into fatherhood when his eight-year-old daughter shows up at his front door.

mickeal 2008/03/17 6:53 AM
game plan ya mon dat moovie realy got me ya !? it make sense like a porkupine with no brains lying in a bag !! no no and it was blind hahaha AKA it sucks!!!!!
Bokkie 2008/03/17 4:31 PM
Oulik Ek het die movie geniet. Dis geskik vir die hele gesin en dis prettig. Die movie sal ek weer en weer wil kyk. PS: Ek sal graag daardie blyplek wil hê waarin Joe Kingman (The Rock) woon.
Uncle 2008/03/17 7:41 PM
Blech I would rather stab myself repeatedly in the liver with a blunt object than sit through this nonsense again. Sies. If you don't enjoy thinking, and your brain is merely an accesry that fills the otherwise empty cavity inside your skull I suggest you watch this film. The filmic equivalent of dust.
Lydia 2008/04/01 2:09 PM
The Game Plan Extremly funny and a heart warming story.So I Think, Mickeal,who also said a review about this movie, that you are a porkupine with no brains lying in a bag (-:
puleng 2008/04/22 2:29 PM
the game plan well, this is not a soooo nice movie. its probably a lesson to all our S.A brothers to stop making babies all over coz the world is round
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