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The Heartbreak Kid

2008-02-05 09:27
What it's about:

Single and indecisive, Eddie (Ben Stiller) begins dating the incredibly sexy and seemingly fabulous Lila. Upon the urging of his father and best friend, Eddie proposes to her after only a week, fearing this may be his last chance at love, marriage, and happiness. However, while on their honeymoon, Lila reveals her true beyond-awful nature and Eddie meets Miranda, the woman he realizes to be his actual soul mate. Eddie must keep his new, increasingly horrid wife at bay as he attempts to woo the girl of his dreams.

What the critics say:

"Monaghan's comic timing saves this go-nowhere affair from 100 percent lousiness, and I couldn't really tell you why; she doesn't earn any laughs, exactly; there are none, but she's charming and she makes tiny bits of a stuporous flop slightly less grim."
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

"Uproarious romp, grounded in believable if gleefully implausible human behavior, is a model of comic timing."
Lisa Nesselson, Variety

"Strip away the appalling gross-out gags and you'd be left with a movie worth seeing."
Peter Howell, Toronto Star

"Farrelly brothers films are looking better and better, but aren't nearly as funny as their grungy early films that hit with the stealth and vigor of guerrilla commandos."
Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

"It'd be nice if the 2007 Heartbreak Kid had some idea of the moral stakes involved, instead of playing everything for no-brain farce."
Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine

"The Heartbreak Kid, while not without its share of tiny, ephemeral pleasures, is a surprisingly flat and unamusing comedy."
James Berardinelli, ReelViews

"It's heartbreaking enough to witness a shallow remake of a treasured classic, but it's equally depressing to watch comedy masters Ben Stiller and the Farrelly brothers go so completely off their game."
N.V. Cooper, E! Online
After Eddie hastily marries a woman he thinks is his perfect mate he meets his real soul mate, while on honeymoon.

Franco 2007/12/05 6:44 PM
Ha ha ha.........BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! This comedy is OFF THE HOOK!!! Been awhile since a movie this funny has hit out circuits.........10 out of 10 for laughs:-)
puleng 2008/02/03 9:29 PM
heartbreak kid its a must see to all comedy lovers. i laughed throughout the whole 115 min. p.s dont marry too soon after meeting your partner. thats all this movie is about
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