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The House Bunny

2008-12-12 12:28
The House Bunny
What it's about:

Shelley Darlington lives at the Playboy Mansion and is Hugh Hefner’s favourite girlfriend. Or so she thinks. When she turns 27, she’s told that she must leave the mansion as she is too old to remain a bunny. Homeless and without a job, Shelley finds a group of nerdy sorority girls who can offer her both a home and salary in exchange for a few lessons on how to be hot.

What we thought of it:

The girls of the Playboy Mansion have always been creatures of curious interest to the generally monogamous public. First-time director Fred Wolf tries to cash in on this curiosity. Unfortunately, the old saying "curiosity killed the cat" proves true in this regrettable case. This flaccid excuse for a film makes the reality series, Girls of the Playboy Mansion, look like a work of art. Wolf set the marker so low on The House Bunny that he should have no problem surpassing it on his next film, if he hasn’t already been blacklisted in Hollywood.

Old age seems to be catching up with master pimp Hugh Hefner. Certainly the needle on his discretionary radar wasn’t quite pointing towards "good taste" when he agreed to let them make a film about his bunnies. He and his three current girlfriends - Holly, Bridget and Kendra – attempt to play themselves in the film and, perhaps in the spirit of comedy, their performances are a bad joke.

The story is embarrassingly weak. One of Hef’s bunnies is thrown out of the mansion on account of the fact that she is 27 and over-the-hill - all possible so far. But then, with nowhere to go and no skills to fall back on, Shelly uses her sex appeal to help her survive in the big world. She does this not as a lady of the night (which actually may have made for a better and more plausible film) but as a house mother for a sorority. The sorority sisters are a group of intelligent young women with better things to think about than getting laid, but apparently they’re also known losers.

Apart from the lack of humour in this 'comedy' and the blatant overkill of clichés, the most disturbing thing about The House Bunny is the manner in which it condones - and in fact promotes - stupidity as an attractive and sensual feminine quality. It spits in the face of feminism and, all 'jokes' aside, attempts to downplay the intelligence of women seeking an education. This kind of film is worse than the shaking-booties soft porn that has conservatives up in arms, because it hides raw sexism behind so-called humour and Hugh Hefner's odd mistique.

The House Bunny belongs in a maggot-infested trash can where it can decompose and live on only as a bad memory.

- Natalie Sineke

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This film goes to extreme lengths to convince us that it’s sexy to be dumb. If that is so, Hugh Hefner wins the sexy trophy for agreeing to this film-tastrophy about an over-the-hill Playboy bunny.

cassie 2008/09/30 10:45 AM
B!ngo you stole the words right out of my mouth....not worth the R16 at the box office......
Ryan Matthews 2008/10/07 9:36 AM
Haha... You actually wasted 90 minutes of your life on this rubbish.
happy 2008/10/21 10:25 PM
the house bunny not that bad for bored couple
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