The House of Magic (3D)

2014-07-04 11:04
What it’s about:

The first thing that tends to ‘disappear’ when families move home or lose their houses are pets, and that’s just what happens to a little ginger cat. Fortunately for him his bad luck turns when he wonders into a magician’s house.

There is a jealous bunny and mini white mouse involved but eventually the kind old man take the cat in and names him ‘Thunder’. The moral of the story is to save the Magician’s house from his awful nephew who wants to sell it.

The old man lands in hospital so it is up to his trusty magic little helpers to save their home from being taken.

At the end of the day after playing tricks and creating a haunted house the day is saved and the ‘bad nephew’ is taught a lesson.

What we thought:

This kiddies film is just that, a child friendly animation that will entertain their imaginations for a full hour and a half. If you're looking for a fun film that hides some adult humour here and there, this is not it! There is nothing wrong with the film if you under the age of ten, maybe 12 to push it but not for the viewing pleasure of our teen generation.

What’s good about the film is that it will keep your kids busy for a day in the holidays. The upside is that the film is 3D with good graphics so kids will be stuck to the screen from start to finish! Who doesn’t love a magician with magic tricks up his sleeve? Like all old school animations, there is also an indirect lesson the kids can learn from watching it, which for the parents can be an educational bonus.

While the movie is nothing to write home about, parents should take their children to see it, they will enjoy it and it will be one less afternoon to worry about in the holidays. Enjoy.

If you have toddlers then get ready for a ride in their imaginations, otherwise you might want to stay at home and play with your own kitty. Either way this film is made for 8-year- olds and only 8-years-olds.
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