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The Incredible Hulk

2008-08-22 16:16
What it's about:

Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) fled America to live far away from the love of his life, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler), while there was a danger of him becoming the Hulk. Banner works via the Internet with a mystery scientist who promises him a cure if he can retrieve the data from the original experiments, so he decides to return to his old lab. Once back in America, he is pursued by the military, as well as a rogue soldier who is infected with Gamma radiation.

What we thought of it:

A mere five years after Ang Lee's much maligned The Hulk (2003), comes The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton as the titular green behemoth. Director Louis Leterrier (The Transporter [2002], The Transporter 2 [2005], Unleashed [2005]) has justifiably upped the action quotient compared to Lee's more introspective film, and manages to entertain admirably with a pretty pedestrian entry into the Marvel movie conversion catalogue.

It's very odd to have a remake after such a short time, and you can be forgiven for wondering whether it was ever intended as a sneaky sequel while also trying to distance itself from Ang Lee's box office disappointment. The 2003 movie spent a long time on the origin of the hulk himself, while all we get with this one is a short montage during the opening credits. Starting at a point that could possibly have followed on from The Hulk, it immediately kicks off with a sense of having missed something, which is the last thing you want in a film that's purportedly a fresh start for the franchise.

Luckily the action kicks in pretty swiftly and there are enough thrilling chases and combat scenes to keep your attention away from the weak dialogue and ridiculous lack of detail – it takes a broken, penniless Bruce Banner about a minute's screen time to get from Guatemala to America! There is far too much left up to the viewer's imagination for such a simple story.

The hulk himself looks awesome, all ripped muscle and veins, and is a big improvement compared to the 2003 hulk. The CGI is great too, but while this makes the package slick, it does lack anything visually distinctive. The climactic fight sequence is fantastic though, and deserves special mention, but it's sadly the only time you really get to see the villain in all his glory.

As I mentioned previously, the dialogue is pretty inconsequential and there is as much character development as you'd expect in a film that's basically a long chase sequence. Edward Norton does what the script allows, but you never get much of a feel for the man behind the monster. The rest of the cast are as two dimensional as the comics they're based on.

The Incredible Hulk has unfortunately taken The Hulk and turned it on its head - it throws out what was good (the character development, Hulk's origin, and the awesome comic book visuals) about the original along with the lack of action and weak villains. At first glance it's a lot of fun, but if you're a fan you may find a lot lacking. Even as a casual viewer, you'll probably only remember the most explosive action scenes. Not as awful as Fantastic 4, but not as much fun as Iron Man (2008).

- Ivan Sadler

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Bruce Banner is lured back to America by the promise of a cure for his condition, but is pursued by the US military and a rogue soldier also infected with Gamma radiation.

YTAH 2008/06/12 12:31 PM
Not so incredible. There is no reason for this film to even exist. They could have gone straight into the Justice League movie.
dimetri 2008/06/12 6:34 PM
Hulk Leka
postit 2008/06/13 8:07 AM
movie reviews EVERY single movie review on here is negative, even when it has 4 stars there are mostly negative things said about the movie. you guys put a damper on every movie, after reading reviews here, id rather sit at home than even watch anything. its like has hired journalist who suffer from chronic pessimism.
Ivan 2008/06/13 8:32 AM
response to postit It's a reviewer's job to be critical and try to get across as much info about a film as possible, including the good and bad points, so when people read the review, they can judge whether it is something they want to pay for or not. What good would any reviewer be if they said everything was fantastic? The Incredible Hulk was a fun movie, but it was also generic, and nowhere near as entertaining as Iron Man.
a 2008/06/13 8:58 AM
Rotten Tomatoes Go to Rotten Tomatoes - good reviews !!
Lily 2008/06/13 10:41 AM
Incredible I don't belive there's anything incredible about the hulk however i do think there's something ver incredible about his pants. how do they manage to stretch that much, now that's incredible. What material are they made of? This is something that could totally revolutionise the fashion world. There will be no need for sizes anymore cause one pair of pants will fit all.
Goda 2008/06/13 12:49 PM
Postit, stick to what you're good at It's so obvious you work in PR or marketing. For a start you can't write. And you seem to think it's a reviewer's job to control your mood. That's your job - and you do it well! You've just made me feel REALLY annoyed.
DirrtJezz 2008/06/13 1:04 PM
Hulkmania Well if you are a true Hulk fan and like me follow all the comics then you will know that the first movie strayed away from the stroyline in the comic books and with this release they wanted it to be closely linked with the comics hence why they chose the Abomination as the villian
Beverley Bradbury 2008/06/13 1:19 PM
The Incredible Hulk What I would like to know is The Incredible Hulk showing in Pietermaritzburg this weekend as I would like to take my son to watch it. Anoymous
YTAH 2008/06/13 3:02 PM
Just because.. a film sticks closely to its source material doesn't mean it's good. If you stuck to the literal plotline of the first Hulk comic, there would have to be an annoying teenage male sidekick (think Shia LeBoeuf) tagging along to help him. Would that make the film better? I don't think so.
postit 2008/06/13 3:33 PM
this is to GODA lol, ur so far off its laughable, as for the cant write part... grow up. i dont think anything of what i said referred to my mood, and if what i said REALLY annoyed u, then it doesnt take much, pity the people who hav to put up wit u.
posit 2008/06/13 3:35 PM
response to ivan i know that, thats a reviewers job, im just sayin that u guys never have any good things to say about any movie... oh bugger, wats the point, my opinion is worthless, mindless drivvel u and people like goda get REALLY annoyed at.
BeenThere 2008/06/13 3:55 PM
Hulk One thing that astonishes me about reviewers, Mr Sadler not being the villian at any rate, is that they seem to be so middle of the road; almost impossible to be a least a bit biassed towards a specific genre... seemingly giving a 2 out of 5 for a title that is in no way getting an Oscar for best director, actor et al. Mr Sadler... would you rate No Country for Old Men higher than Hulk? I would based on the brilliant ensemble, including directors.. deservedly winning some Oscars. There is no way that you can compare Incredible Hulk to any other movie but that of the genre it is in. In my opinion it gets a solid 4 out of 5 purely based on, not the acting ability, but the pure thrill and enjoyment of the movie. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, left me with sweaty palms and knotted stomach. It will make millions... DVDs will sell thousands... in terms of revenue IC will outperform most movies made this year... in my book that deserves an Oscar.
Ivan 2008/06/13 3:57 PM
postit If you read my reviews, you'll see there are plenty of movies I say good things about. I gave credit to the good things in this movie as well. Why bother reading movie reviews if you only want to read good things? Just go and watch the movie then. I don't understand why people bother commenting when they aren't talking about the movie.
BeenThere 2008/06/13 4:25 PM
Hulk Fair enough Ivan... I am just glad I am no film critic, must be hard in more ways than one. I have seen the film, have followed the build up on the net for months... build up effectively telling you what was coming, and I am happy that that is what I got. What irks me... present company totally excluded - even coming up when discussing this with friends - is the lack of knowledge people have when rating movies amongst themselves. No knowledge on history, reason for making this film and the like... why it is NOT a sequel and so forth. The whole SHIELD/Avengers angle ads a different element to the way the movie is experienced... even in Iron Man it was aparent with the Captain America Shield in Stark's Lab... the part after the credits etc etc... apologies for ranting... frustrating sometimes... keep up the good work
dissapointed 2008/06/14 1:43 PM
Hulk? Help! I wish I could have those 2 hours of my life back. The movie was terrible, and I'm a fan of the Marvel movies. I enjoyed Iron Man. All I can hope is that they don't wreck Iron Man by joining forces in the future. As far as the action goes, I seem to remeber some awesome sequences in the first Hulk film.In the Canyon...? Jumping on fighter jets? Fighting gamma dogs or something like it. Way better than the offerings this time. And the acting was terrible. I better stop here.
Robert 2008/06/23 9:01 AM
Better than the last This was streets ahead of the first "The Hulk" but still lacked something. I guess we'd like to see a Hulk that is somewhat vulnerable at times. Instead we get a hero that we can only feel sorry for but never fear for. With an obvious gathering of Marvel heroes on the cards in the near future, I think the Hulk should have a cameo at best.
Sarah 2008/07/08 11:15 AM
The Incredible Hulk I thought this was a great movie and i loved the twist at the end cant wait for the next one
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