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The Island

2006-04-30 13:24


Lincoln Six-Echo (McGregor) and Jordan Two-Delta (Johansson) are among the hundreds of residents of a high security facility in the mid-21st century. Everything about their day-to-day lives is monitored, seemingly for their own good. The only way out is to be chosen to go to the "The Island" the last spot in the world left uncontaminated by an ecological disaster that took the lives of everyone else on the planet.

Plagued by unexplained nightmares, Lincoln is restless and begins to question the restrictions placed on his life. But he is unprepared for the truth when he discovers that everything about his existence is a lie, that The Island is a cruel hoax, and that everyone he knows is actually more valuable dead than alive.

After his discovery, Lincoln and Jordan decide to escape to the outside world they've never known. Now, with the forces of the facility relentlessly hunting them down, Lincoln and Jordan have only one mission: to live.

What the critics are saying:

"Bay is too literal-minded, his idea of entertainment too "Crash! Bang! Boom!" to give himself over to the loopiness lurking beneath the surface of this movie."
- Stephanie Zacharek,

"The first half of Michael Bay's new film is a spare, creepy science fiction parable, and then it shifts into a high-tech action picture. Both halves work. Whether they work together is a good question."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"In his latest exercise in sensory overkill, producer-helmer Michael Bay takes on the weighty moral conundrums of human cloning, resolving them in a storm of bullets, car chases and more explosions than you can shake a syringe at."
- Justin Chang, Variety

This weird mix of intelligent sci-fi with over-the-top action is as confusing as it is entertaining.

john agulhas 2005/08/13 3:23 AM
the island the island unleashed
warrick 2005/08/14 12:27 PM
i beg to differ let me put it this way, if you're going to a cinema the main reason you're going is to be entertained. There was not a second in this movie that i was bored. Its called entainment for a reason. Jeez lighten up a bit. The Island
Kiki 2005/08/14 7:48 PM
The Island I totally agree with Warrick. This movie rocks. It has depth, action... & most importantly... HOT PEOPLE! Ewan rocks! Herbie- it's adorable
James 2005/08/16 11:43 AM
The Island This is not a movie for anybody. If you do not like Sci Fi, then don't go. A very different type of movie. Lots of action and suspence with a bit of a twist as well. I saw it in Germany on 16/8 and really enjoyed it.
Aki 2005/08/17 1:03 PM
Commercial? This has to one of the best cinematic effects movies for the year but the amount of branding is horrific. I wonder how much Puma, Nokia, MSN Connect and Cristian Dior payed to have their logos inprinted subverivaly, why when they are cut off from the rest of the world do they still wear puma trainers? worth the watch for the talented Scarlet Johansson!! If u enjoyed Gatica you'll enjoy this
Mo 2005/08/18 1:06 PM
Very good No ways. I thought this very good. Scarlet is SUPER hot. The movie is really good, and I totally enjoyed it. Go watch it. VERY good
Michelle Fioroni 2005/08/18 10:37 PM
The Island A movie for the boys and the girls. SJ was worth watching all the way, bringing eye candy and talent into the movie. The sharp shift from the slow Gattica style into a fast action packed thriller, didn't go down well with me though. Although the effects were awesome, especially the air bikes, the second half was too 'crash bang boom'. Crash
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