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The Kingdom

2008-01-28 15:18
What it's about:

When an American compound in Saudia Arabia is attacked by terrorists, killing hundreds of civilians and an FBI agent, an FBI investigative team (Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Chris Cooper) heads out to the East to find those responsible. But getting to the truth is tough in a country where their lives are constantly in danger. With help from a Saudi Colonel (Ashraf Barhom), can they find and punish those responsible?

What we thought of it:

It's been done before: America comes to the rescue of the poor third-worlders who can't save themselves. America is a highly trained badass gun slinger called in to annihilate the baddie: often a group led by an individual with irrational tendencies and of course a heavy foreign accent. The ring leader usually has some distinct identification or disfigurement, in this case missing fingers.

So you get the drift. The Kingdom is no different. It's as predictable as a Steven Seagal movie. But this time Seagal is cloned into a team of four, and much like the 80s TV Show A-team, there's the tough African-American, the older and wiser white guy, the joker and the pretty boy (but in this film it's a hot chick).

For a movie with nothing new to offer, the actors do a superb job, but even Oscar and Golden Globe winners can't save this straight-to-video action movie. Even the extremely moving final scene can't save this clone.

The Kingdom actually makes you want to stand up and cheer for the bad guy. All this kind of propaganda justifying the war in the Middle East does is increase anti-American sentiment, even in people who may have been sympathetic to the USA.

Too bad talented stars like Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Chris Cooper wasted their summer shooting this crap.

- Nomfundo H Mbaba+Tshabalala
The Kingdom is as predictable as a Steven Seagal movie. But this time Seagal is cloned into a team of four, much like the 80s TV Show "The A-team".

Erusha 2007/11/09 7:48 AM
Fed-Up No! I would not watch this! I am fed-up with Americans bombarding us with moves about how good they are at “helping” people that cant help themselves. They are like little blowfish puffing themselves up, look at us, look at us! Well if thy stop meddling in the business of other’s, maybe they would not get blown up.
Warrick 2007/11/09 7:56 AM
Erusha Oh please get over yourselves. Americans make movies primarily for Americans. If South Africa ever actually managed to put together a decent movie industry do you mean to tell me we wouldn't make self praising films. Erusha its sad that you find justification in blowing up American soldiers.
jacman 2007/11/09 8:09 AM
Ignorant Erusha I have to agree with Warrick.Leave the Americans to their movies and maybe try to enjoy A good war movie when they make one.I haven't watched this one but I'm sure it is going to be quite good.
Andrew 2007/11/09 8:47 AM
Agreed with Warrick Man, can you imagine the horrors of an active SA movie industry? With govt obsession with media control we'd see an endless string of movies about the heroic MK... *vomit*
salome 2007/11/09 9:15 AM
Warrick The Brave American soldiers wouldnt get blown up if they were on their own soil. Typical USA image booster movie, feel sorry for themselves then blow up the 'bad guys'.
Andrew 2007/11/09 9:51 AM
Check it out...! The Taliban have arrived in force! Bwahahhaaa!
Vic 2007/11/09 10:10 AM
Team America Can't wait to see it!!! , with all the anti-American movies out it will be great to see a good old pro-American movie for once! Yeehaa !
Philippe 2007/11/09 11:33 AM
The Kingdom Who to believe? A reputable publication gave this movie an 8/10 rating! I'll go and see it and make-up my own mind!!
Kim 2007/11/09 1:11 PM
Are we ever sure? Just like Philippe said: who do we believe?? I dont know... what I do know is that if I was a movie critic, my review would be based on personal preference... so I assume all the reviews we read is exactly that. And that outcome can be based on so many factors, like yor mood when you see the movie, etc I'm only seeing the flick tomorrow, so I'll see then. The comparison to Mr Segal has already placed a dark cloud on my judgement. Ons kyk maar :)
Rick 2007/11/09 3:43 PM
The Kingdom I enjoyed The Kingdom. It was a 'no-brainer' action flick with a credible plot and heaps of action. Moreover, the movie actively portrayed that not all Muslims are terrorists.
Ruby J 2007/11/09 4:16 PM
Don't be so sure Nomfundo H Mbaba+Tshabalala, are you sure there is so many "anti-American" people out there?? I agree with you, Vic! I will watch the move just because its PRO-AMERICA BECAUSE I AM PRO-AMERICA!!!AND PROUD OF IT!
Guillaume 2007/11/09 5:53 PM
Nomfundo, learn to review Nomfundo, you don't know what you are talking about!!
wesley 2007/11/10 8:00 AM
Osama Nomfundo Wow its like the A-team!!!! This movie must get a 10!! Wheres your mind Osama?
Schipo 2007/11/10 11:17 PM
Just a little ridiculous I think Nomfundo got a little carried away with her anti-americanism a bit. This movie isn't propaganda, it's just typical Hollywood action schlock, no different to dozens of other simple action films set to the circumstances of the day. For it to have been propaganda, it would have to have been produced or funded by the US government, which it wasn't. Fact is, there's a market for no-brainer action films, even those that try (and fail) to adopt a modern and relevant setting. There seems to be a misconception that any movie which isn't hyper-serious and doesn't treat political questions as an academic scholar would is automatically not worth watching. That is of course rubbish. So review the movie for what it is, not what you hoped it would be and certainly not what you fear it might be.
Robyn 2007/11/12 10:41 AM
The Kingdom If you actually look deeper at the message that the movie is trying to portray it's basically the same as Steven Spielberg's Munich: violence begets violence. With the great camera work, good acting: each character showing a little bit of themselves through lolly pops, humour or singing in the mud, it was well done. It's a movie that also shows the times that people live in, not necessarily us but the west and how they deal. It is raw, brutal and hectic!
Mindlo 2007/11/28 10:11 PM
Robyn Robyn, i could not have said it better. Done!!!
Abdul 2007/11/30 2:51 PM
american propoganda at its worst At least they dont call it a movie based on a true story, like Black Hawk Down, which really pissed me off
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