The Legend of the Sky Kingdom

2006-03-30 12:56


The Legend Of The Sky Kingdom is a magical tale that follows the journey of a group of children on their way to find the mythical sky kingdom.

Enslaved in an underground city; Blockhead, Squidge and Lucky stage a daring escape and begin a journey that sees them pursued by the evil emperor's hyenas as they travel through the Jungle of Despair and the Desert of Desolation.

The characters and sets featured in the film have been made exclusively from junk, giving birth to the world's newest animation style, dubbed "junkmation" by its creators.

What the critics are saying:

"While embracing its African origins and at the same time presenting a universal story, The Legend of the Sky Kingdom is unlike anything you have ever been seen before."
- Justin Johnson, The London Times Film Festival

"Words fail to describe the delightful experience of looking at this film and listening to its perfectly complementary, bouncy, lively, Afro-Pop soundtrack and songs. Unfortunately, the in-your-face evangelical message of the plot does not match the imaginative production design."
- Amy Harlib, Diverse DVD

"With this production, the Sunrise team has brought to the sophisticated modern art of film-making a fresh and radical approach combining raw and exciting visual material with a story that touches the human spirit and responds to human need."

In a story of remarkable ingenuity and perseverance, 15 young Zimbabweans spent four years making this marvellous children's film, the first full-length animation film to come out of Africa. What's more they invented an entirely new type of animation along the way.

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