The Longest Yard

2006-03-30 13:15


Paul "Wrecking" Crewe was an untouchable football superstar in his past, but his glory has faded and left him with a bad reputation. A drunk driving incident lands him in prison where he finds the warden, Hazen, has specifically requested him for his athletic skills. Paul has been assigned the task of assembling a team of convicts, to take on the sadistic guards in a big football game. With the help of fellow convict known as Caretaker, and an old legend named Nate Scarborough to coach, Crewe and his team of misfits get ready for what promises to be a very interesting game.


Director Peter Segal and Adam Sandler worked together in 50 First Dates and Anger Management. Both were good comedies and you can't expect any less from this collaboration, particularly with the addition of Chris Rock to the cast.

The 1974 original sports comedy starred Burt Reynolds and, guess what, he plays in this one as well. Reynolds starred as Crewe in the first film and plays the role of another legend, Nate Scarborough, who coaches the prisoners' team.

Sandler plays Paul Crewe, an ex-football star whose career ended with allegations of point shaving. Fed up with his fate, he steals his wife's luxury car (played by an uncredited Courtney Cox) and intentionally causes a multi-car pileup while being chased by police.

The stunt lands Crewe in a brutal Texas state penitentiary in the middle of nowhere. His only relief comes from Warden Hazen (James Cromwell) who wants Crewe to help lead his well-equipped prison-guard football team to the league championship.

The prison guards warn him not too, but Crewe nervously agrees with the Warden. He suggests creating an opposing team of convicts to the give the guards an easy tune-up before the season starts. However, for the inmates, this is the chance they've been waiting for. A few inmates hustle to get a team together so they can exact some revenge on the harassing guards.

Those willing to sign up are not the greatest of players or in the best shape. Then Scarborough and Caretaker step in to help Crewe whip his team of avenging inmates into shape.

Although this is just another football film, with the exact same plot as the original not to mention the 2001 film, Mean Machine, starring Vinnie Jones, the humour is still great.

Hip-hop artist, Nelly gives quite an impressive performance. You might have to look twice at first, but when you see the plaster and toothpick, you'll recognise him. For his debut in a comedy, he did a great job.

Many people steer clear of watching remakes, but with the great cast line-up, the direction of Peter Segal and the slapstick comedy of Adam Sandler, it's quite a success and worth the trip to the cinema. It's the kind of movie you can take your main squeeze to watch with you and makes a great 'first date' movie too.

- Janine Lee Gordon

It's the old prisoners vs. guards at football scenario yet again, but at least with Adam Sandler you're guaranteed a few laughs.

Lelani 2005/08/31 6:58 PM
It's different This movie was definitely brilliant, I enjoyed every minute of it, but people should go and watch it with an open mind and not expect a normal Adam Sandler movie, because that is one thing it is NOT! It has a great storyline to follow. I didn't see the original unfortunately, if it was anything like this one it was worth the watch! Envy
j 2005/09/04 6:09 PM
j j
Jade Aylward 2005/09/23 4:01 PM
The Longest Yard Great! Adam Sandler and Chris Rock make a good combonation and one funny movie. A movie I definately recommend is The Longest Yard. It can crack you up!
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