The Lookout

2007-10-29 17:50
What it's about:

Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is on the verge of graduating from high school when he causes a car accident that kills two of his friends and leaves him with permanent brain damage. Suffering from extreme short term memory loss, he works as a janitor in a bank, while trying to piece together the remains of his life, with the help of his blind flat mate Lewis (Jeff Daniels). But then he's befriended by smooth talking Gary (Matthew Goode), who is planning to rob the bank Chris works at and needs an insider for the job.

What we thought of it:

From the explosive opening sequence immediately followed up a year later by a meditative ritual, which Chris uses to remember how to wash himself in the shower, it is apparent that The Lookout is not content with being your average thriller.

Chris is a broken man trying to deal with his guilt over his friend’s deaths and the effects of his head injury. His life is a non-stop series of frustrations and trials. Joseph Gordon-Levitt nails his constantly shifting state of mind beautifully, veering from aggression to child like vulnerability.

With the battle to lead a normal life almost as important as the bank robbery plan, the film manages to connect on a very personal level, as well as keeping the story intriguing with twists and double crosses. When the tension kicks in it is even more gripping as Chris is barely able to function in society: it's like having a showdown between armed criminals and a 10 year old with a severe learning disability.

As exciting as it is, The Lookout occasionally slips into cliché and there are some plot details which come across as unlikely to say the least. Apart from that minor flaw, it is a decent thriller with good acting and a fresh perspective.

- Ivan Sadler
A brain damaged janitor working at a bank is lured into taking part in a heist, while he battles with his guilt over the death of his friends in the accident that injured him.

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