The Love Guru

2008-10-10 14:51
What it's about:

Guru Pitka (Mike Myers) is a guru who lives in India but was born in the US. He returns to his birthplace at the request of ice hockey manager Jane Bullard (Jessica Alba), who wants him to reunite depressed star player Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco) with his estranged wife and improve his game. Pitka sees this as an opportunity to get into the lucrative American self-help market, but finds himself developing feelings for Jane, which results in endless jokes about rude-sounding Indian names.

What we thought of it:

Once again Mike Myers falls back on his well-worn collection of ridiculous characters and post-modern references in place of jokes, and as expected, the result is less than amusing. It hasn’t helped that Myers has relied on the same shtick since the hilarious Wayne’s World (1992), and has actually got dumber with time and endless repetition. The Love Guru is possibly his laziest and most by-the-numbers movie yet, and reeks of lack of effort and direction.

The first failure here is the premise – why is this character supposed to be funny? Austin Powers was an amusing twist on English gentleman spies like James Bond, and managed to be both idiotic and endearing, but Guru Pitka is just Mike Myers putting on a funny voice and mugging his way through various puns about genitals. Apparently this character was supposed to appear in an Austin Powers movie as a sidekick, and it shows, because he certainly isn’t strong enough to carry an entire movie – even one this emaciated.

The writing also lacks energy and too often goes for the most obvious joke possible. Again we’re treated to Myers performing a pop classic (this time Extreme’s "More Than Words"), only there‘s no amusing twist to it other than it is partly played on a sitar. Little person Verne Troyer appears again and only seems to serve the purpose of being hurled about like a human rag doll. Normally seeing a dwarf getting battered should get a belly laugh out of someone with a non-PC sense of humour, but in this case it just seems tired. I like smut and shock value as much as the next guy, but mixing in a little wit makes it go so much further.

I could continues, but it’s pointless. If you enjoyed Myers’ other films, you’ll end up feeling short-changed by the pitiful number of truly funny moments. That Myers once symbolised the pinnacle of Hollywood wit and humour only makes The Love Guru seem all the more pathetic.

Ivan Sadler

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An American-born guru returns home from India to tap into the self-help market by reuniting a celebrity hockey player with his estranged wife.

Reed 2008/10/11 10:16 AM
Awful` I absolutely refuse to ever subject myself to another Mike Myers caricature again. The last Austin Powers movie smacked of desperation and it was evident then that Myers had run out of ideas. I think he needs a change of direction.
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