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The Notebook

2006-03-30 12:35

A young woman comes to the coastal town of Seabrook, North Carolina in the 1940's to spend the summer with her family. Still in her teens, Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) meets local boy Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) at a Carnival. On the spot, Noah senses that he and Allie are meant to be together. Though she is a wealthy debutante and he a mill worker, over the course of one passionate and carefree summer in the South, the two fall deeply in love.

Circumstances - and the sudden outbreak of World War II - drive them apart, but both continue to be haunted by memories of each other. When Noah returns home from the war years later, Allie is gone from his life, but not from his heart.
Though Noah doesn't yet know it, Allie has come back to Seabrook, where they first fell in love. But now Allie is engaged to marry Lon (James Marsden), a wealthy soldier she met while volunteering in a GI hospital.

Decades later, a man (James Garner) reads from a faded notebook to a woman (Gena Rowlands) he regularly visits at her nursing home. Though her memory has faded, she becomes caught up in the fiery story of Allie and Noah - and for a few moments, she is able to relive the passionate, turbulent time when they swore they'd be together always.

What the critics are saying:

"...a soft-focus, nostalgic weepie that'll have romantics blubbing and cynics hurling."
- Jamie Russell, BBCi Film

"May be one hundred percent sap, but its spirit is anything but cloying, thanks to persuasive performances, most notably from Rachel McAdams."
- Desson Thomson, Washington Post

"There's no way to endure the movie without earplugs and a blindfold."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Fans of the sweet and weepy love story shouldn't miss this latest adaptation from novelist Nicholas Sparks who brought us "Message in a Bottle" and "A Walk to Remember".

christine 2004/11/09 3:54 PM
the note book absolutly brilliant, enjoyed the book, enjoyed the movie
stef 2005/05/08 4:18 PM
the note book wow!this is one of those movies you will never forget and which you watch, when you hav just lost love and are desperately searching for hope again!the chemistry between the two actors is just brilliant.totally recomend it!!!!!!!
rochelle 2005/05/23 4:58 PM
ms i loved notebook it so romantic i would give it 200/100
jacques 2005/06/11 1:21 PM
the notebook for a movie adaptation of Nicholas Spark's book, there is no better than this. three of his books have been filmed now, "a walk to remember", "the notebook" and "message in a bottle". this is the best so far. the on screen chemistry between Gosling and McAdams is incredible. the settings, the scripting, in the whole this movie is one of the best tear- jerkers I've seen in a long time. I would give this a four out of five for it's "soppiness", and its heart wrenching truthfulness to the original story. It is not the kind of movie that I would watch, but since I work in a video store, I feel the need to watch every movie at least once. This movie is worth it and if I have to go by the rentals, this movie is a must for every guy who wants to seem sensitive to his girlfriend, or if you haven't cried in a long time, take along a box of tissues and have a good cry in this one. Note book, Stuck on you
Robs 2007/01/12 1:28 PM
the notebook I'm not generally keen on romantic drama type movies but thoroughly enjoyed this one!! Great story and Rachel McAdams is brilliant.
LINDA 2007/03/27 11:31 AM
Harold 2008/02/12 9:47 PM
The NoteBook Is beautiful movie is the best movie what watched is romantic movie Rachel and Ryan acted gloriousy. Totally recomend
telisha 2008/03/06 1:07 PM
the notebook this movie is fantastic .i told everyone i know about this movie ,and after watching it some even thanked me (including guys ).what i loved about it is that it was a simple love story .you could sense there love for each other . we are all looking for a love like noah & allie's.
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