The Perfect Wave

2014-02-28 09:37
What it's about:

Deep within every surfer is a heart hungry for adventure, yearning be free, to break away and let go. Seeking purity and truth, they have a willingness to risk it all, to push on whatever the cost, overcoming every obstacle and risking everything in the ultimate pursuit of the perfect wave.

This is Ian McCormack’s story. This is our own story.

Clint Eastwood’s son Scott Eastwood plays kiwi surfer Ian McCormack. The film tells the true story of a rebellious young man’s journey as he searches for the meaning of life. At the heart of the film is McCormack’s near-death experience, which changes his life forever.

Also starring in The Perfect Wave is former Charlie’s Angel, Cheryl Ladd.

Following the call of wild adventure, McCormack and his friend start their journey in the outback of Australia and find themselves in a radical cultural shift in Bali, Indonesia. McCormack falls in love with a beautiful Dutch girl Anneka, in Bali. He leaves his friends and the couple's next stop is the beautiful coastline of South Africa where Ian confuses Anneka's free spirit with betrayal. He follows her to the island paradise famous for its legendary outer reef, but discovers that she is gone. Alone, he waits for his perfect wave, but then he has an accident that makes him question his faith.

A glimpse into eternity.
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roderick 2014/03/06 4:08 PM
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great movie
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