The Possession DVD: Perfect for Cuddling

2006-03-30 11:53

With the winter nights closing in around us its time to go into full snuggle mode. It's time to break out the blankets and the hot chocolate and settle down in front of a good movie. And you will find few DVDs better suited to snuggling than Possession.

Set in both contemporary and Victorian England, Possession is based on the Booker prize winning novel by A.S. Byatt. It follows the parallel stories of two great love affairs. The first affair is a secret passion between two great Victorian poets (Jennifer Ehle and Jeremy Northam). The second is the love that develops between two modern day scholars (Aaron Eckhart and Gwyneth Paltrow) who are studying the poets' secret love affair.

Possession is an altogether gorgeous film - at times almost too gorgeous. The rich and beautiful visuals dovetail with the rich and beautiful cast, while Byatts brilliant novel gives backbone to what could otherwise have been a limp affair. I found the Victorian romance altogether more interesting than the modern one. I mean, how could Aaron Eckhart not fall for Gwyneth Paltrow?

Still, the cast outdo themselves - rising above their inherent prettiness and injecting life into their characters. Director Neil LaBute outdoes himself with visually elegant methods of switching between the film's time periods, subtly contrasting the prickly moderns against the dramatic Victorians without making either pair seem unappealing.

Part literary detective story, part endearing love story Possession is the most entertaining romantic drama I have seen in a long time. The academic skulduggery and politics adds spice to the movie and lifts it above the saccharine mush into which it could easily have slipped. So measure out the marshmallows and let the snuggling begin!

Possession is a beautiful story about timeless romance - the perfect DVD for an evening of cuddling on the couch with your loved one.

Mo 2003/05/13 12:44 PM
Thanx Alistair Yo Alistair. you are a life saver mate. been looking for a movie like this to prepare me for those winter nights with the girl. Don't think City Of Angels would have worked again. although to match that movie is a tough one. but thanx. I'll get this movie and we'll cuddle all night. ;-) thanx mate City Of Angels
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