The Prince and Me

2006-03-30 13:01

It's not everyday one sees Julia Stiles in a movie that is neither of Shakespearean origin nor has her dancing on tables or, worse, flinging herself through some strained choreography. But let's begin at the beginning.

Page Morgan (Julia Stiles) is your stereotypical farm-girl turned college student, ready to start the new academic year, working hard to get into medical school without any distractions. Edvard (Luke Mably) is your typical Danish crown prince itching for a new thrill, eager to suspend all responsibilities around the throne to which he might soon ascend.

So when 'Eddie' drops his royal title and jets across the Atlantic to America in the hopes of meeting "crazy college girls who get drunk and lift their sweaters" it is with nauseating predictability that they meet, butt heads and then fall in love (round of applause to the script writers for that plot twist!).

But the tale does not end with a much anticipated happily ever after. The Danish paparazzi, who are always hunting for another one of Edvard's royal scandals, soon track him down, and find him in a rather unfortunate setting. Adding injury to insult, Eddie's father falls ill and the young prince finds himself having to fill a rather large crown rather rapidly with his American queen at his side, naturally.

There's not much in terms of an original plot, but I had great fun guessing (with 80 percent accuracy I might add) the dialogue of the script. If "The Prince and Me" was meant to be a jibe at the bloodhound paparazzi or an exploration of the endless responsibilities and sacrifices that royal families face, I must have missed the reasoning. I was too busy trying to work out why a Danish prince had a British accent.

Was he schooled in London? Did he spend winter holidays skiing in the Alps with Prince Harry and William? Was it too hard for the American casting agent to find a genuine Dane? But I digress.

Newcomer Luke Mably handles himself fairly well as the irresponsible prince who morphs into an able king, and we might expect some first-rate movies from him in future. I force myself to remember that every actor has to start somewhere: playing the blonde hunk in a co-ed schmaltz flick is better than selling Doritos in a corny television ad (pun intended).

The leading lady, however, is a tale all unto her own. The only thing vaguely enjoyable about Julia Stiles is her new haircut and colour. Although Ms Stiles has oodles of talent, she seems determined to waste it on romantic teen comedies. I much rather prefer her in those Shakespeare adaptations where she is required to make use of more than two facial expressions.

I would have liked to romanticise this review; I would have loved it if everything ended happily ever after. Unfortunately, not all fairy tales make for good movies - and this grim tale should have remained at the bottom of Hollywood's barrel of unmade fables.

- Megan Kakora

Julia Stiles wastes her talents on yet another nauseatingly predictable romantic comedy.

ELZAAN 2005/04/12 2:16 PM
The Prince and ME It was a good movie. I really loved it, because it is a daily thing for everyone to fall in love very fast. i love julia stiles's movies SAW/THE RING TWO/CELLULAR
Neli 2005/04/12 8:38 PM
itz what you love to see look it may be done all the time but these are the classics that will have all the sweet teens running to go see it. Yes its been done b4 but thats what keeps us going there so give it a break Mweb. GO C THE MOVIE AND FALL IN LOVE AGAIN the way that movies make you fall in love
Karin 2005/04/29 10:41 AM
Fantastic good
Shana 2005/05/03 12:20 PM
The Prince and Me I agree with the review given - I enjoy love stories but this one was just so boring. Julia Stiles is capbale of better movies than this one.
Shana 2005/05/03 12:20 PM
The Prince and Me I agree with the review given - I enjoy love stories but this one was just so boring. Julia Stiles is capbale of better movies than this one.
stef 2005/05/08 4:09 PM
the prince and me i think u are right.the actor might have been cute and the actress might have been pretty but other than that i have to say i found it rather depressing!i cant really say why but just the thought of her giving up everything to become queen, which she doesn't really want to anyways,is just so unreal!she likes to hav fun with her friends and i think she is not ready to be a queen!dissapointing but it did have those heart warming moments, which made it not a complete waste of money.
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