The Protector

2007-08-02 16:46
What it’s about

A young Thai fighter named Kham (Tony Jaa) has to travel to Australia to find a couple of elephants that were stolen from his father. That’s it.

What we thought of it

Known in the UK and on video here as The Warrior King, The Protector is Tony Jaa’s (Ong Bak) second international outing as Asia’s next big martial arts star. At least, that’s what 31-year-old Jaa has the potential to be.

Sadly, that potential will not be realised with stinkers like this. The Protector is effectively mixed martial arts porn - little more than a number of elaborate action sequences masquerading as a movie. As impressive as some of those sequences are, they’re absolutely wasted when an audience couldn’t care less about who is in them. A cameo by Nathan Jones may interest WWE fans, and a cutesy elephant offers some “aaww” value. But the real reason to bother seeing the movie at all is a brilliantly staged fight sequence in a restaurant’s “secret back room” (actually a secret back building!)

Jaa faces an entire legion of enemies (great video game this), while running up about ten flights of stairs and engaging in all manner of heavy contact action at every step. All this is done in a single shot (no cuts), and you actually feel exhausted for the poor actor. It’s superbly shot, brilliantly choreographed and beautifully conceived. Maybe you can find the sequence on a video download site somewhere.

Other than that, avoid.

- Anton Marshall
The Protector is really a bunch of elaborate kung-fu battles in search of a movie. Plus, real Tony Jaa fans have probably seen it on DVD already.

isaac 2007/05/15 9:01 AM
worst movie of the year this is the same as watching a video game
william 2007/05/15 9:31 AM
mweb ratings the guys that rate your movies are really useless,plenty of people i spoke too say they read the review on mweb and if u say it is a bad movie, they watch it,because they know it is going to be good, and the same with me, if you say it sucks, i watch it, and u are usually wrong, maybe it is time to get some new reviewers
Rudolph P 2007/05/15 10:18 AM
Okay film The acrobatics & fight choreography is certainly some of the best ever put to celluloid. Unfortunately the version showing at the theatres is heavily cut, which results in an even simpler plot (which is a miracle in itself!). Good action film though, especially the prolonged final fight.
Johan Roelofse 2007/05/15 8:52 PM
Freedom People are different. Wow! What a strange concept. Enjoy the movie if you like it, but please hate it if you don't like it. For some reason I believe that we all have the right to enjoy what we enjoy and to hate what we don't. Then again, I believe in personal choice but I know some people would disagree. It's their choice, isn't it?
am 2007/05/16 11:44 AM
William, it was really nothing William, calling me / us useless is really quite astonishingly crass. The plenty of people you speak to may well carry more credibility for you, and I, for one, have always maintained that you;re welcome to waste your money on popcorn if you want to. But if the 'new reviewers' you speak of insist on calling everyone they disagree with 'useless', maybe "Mweb" needs new readers.
JeSTER 2007/05/17 10:46 AM
Warrior King i enjoyed this way better than Ong Bak, but the dialogue is kinda wak, i just enjoyed the fight scenes, HAAI YAH,...yeh yeah. lets see how long it takes till tony jaa leanrs english and makes international hollywood mvoies, lol. i dig Tony Jaa tho,....if you liek fast pace action, check out District 13
Muney 2007/11/13 4:07 PM
I agree mweb movie ratings suck, just like their service ratings. They are the telkom of the!
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