The Reaping

2007-08-03 17:23
What it’s about:

Katherine Winter (Hilary Swank) is a missionary turned scientist who specialises in finding rational explanations for alleged miracles. She is invited to the sleepy little town of Haven to investigate a river that has supposedly turned to blood. This “plague” began after the unexplained death of a young boy, which the townsfolk blame on his sister Loren (Annasophia Robb). Struggling to find a scientific cause, Katherine is haunted by her own traumatic past. Then further plagues start occurring, all with seemingly supernatural origins.

What we thought of it:

What happens when you cross The Omen with Stigmata, throw in a little X-Files, and have the whole project headed by the director of Predator 2 and Nightmare on Elm Street 5? If you really want an answer to that question, rush out and pay your hard earned money to see The Reaping right now! With such a guarantee of quality, what could possibly be wrong with it?

The answer is, sadly, everything. Deeply dissatisfying in almost every aspect, The Reaping exhibits every crappy Hollywood horror cliché, and then some. It’s hard to know where to start, in giving reasons to avoid wasting your time on it.

Hilary Swank heads up a capable cast who apparently want new cars or home extensions, and look like they would rather be elsewhere, given the script. Striking a balance between ridiculous and mundane, the movie is inconsistent, silly, and begins to unravel when we’re only halfway through. How long will it take for filmmakers to learn that a decent story is far preferable to rains of CGI fireballs, hungry locusts and irritating flashbacks full of meaningless symbolism lifted from cologne adverts?

Beyond its lack of sense and believability, The Reaping actually manages to be irritating. There are so many cheap jolts, flashbacks, dream sequences, and red herrings that for a simple story, it becomes difficult to follow. By the end, a lot of what happened has been made redundant, and there is yet another “twist”, with the hint at a sequel if this rubbish makes any money.

While not as blatantly pathetic as Stay Alive, The Reaping still makes B-movies like Pulse and Blade Trinity look well thought out and slickly executed. There is no reason at all to see this, no matter how cool the poster is, or how intriguing it looks in the trailer. The highlight for me was the nifty design of the closing credits.

- Ivan Sadler
Beware - the poster may look cool but The Reaping is just another outbreak in the great plague of crappy horror films. Don’t waste your time.

King Hambit 2007/06/07 6:49 AM
Racist Reviewer just hates horrors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew 2007/06/07 12:13 PM
Not surprising... This bunch take their 'critic' status too seriously, and seem to feel that being a 'critic' means that you have to criticise pretty much 99% of the movies they see. Clearly they've forgotten that most of us just go to be entertained, and we aren't that phased if what we're seeing doesn't conform to some anal-retentive art movie guidelines. Seriously guys, lighten up.
Ivan 2007/06/07 12:30 PM
Weak I hate to burst any bubbles here, but I really love horror movies - even bad ones, if they are entertaining. The Reaping is just weak - crappy effects, really awful cgi, silly story, and very wooden acting. It's not funny, and not scary, and it just drags. But please, if you want to waste R40 on it, go ahead.
Greg 2007/06/07 12:40 PM
Typical Critics these days spend more of their time competing with other critics in a game of "who hates more movies?" I suppose they're worried that if they like anything that doesn't deal with the inner turmoil of gays, tranvestites and druggies, or have like of pornographic sex depicted in a "sensitive way, exploring the characters as people", they may be victimised by other critics. Maybe they're all these goths and emo people- they try to be non-conformist by wearing, doing and saying the exact same things as every other goth, emo guy and in this case, critic.
Louise 2007/06/07 12:41 PM
Yeah, whatever!! Anytime I see a movie get a bad review like this I rush to the cinema to see it. It cannot be that bad, only people with no imagination become movie critics! Ha. Please - get a sense of humour!
Flea 2007/06/07 1:10 PM
Louise and Greg need to wind their necks in Here's a question for you geniuses - how come these guys gave Blades of Glory 3 stars, Freedom Writers 3 stars and Akeelah and The Bee 4 stars? None of those sound like "emo" or "goth" movies to me. And Greg, you're just the kind of fascist coward that made the old South Africa such a model of tolerance. The real problem here is that you morons can't tell the difference between crap and quality. For you McDonalds is haute cuisine and Tim Allen is the funniest guy on earth. You might as well be pigs swimming in your own filth.
Andrew 2007/06/07 4:07 PM
Ooo! I could be wrong, but I detect a slight bit of hostility from Flea. Must be an Ivan fan. *chuckles*
Gyarblewotsit 2007/06/07 5:40 PM
Waranga!!!! I haven't seen the movie, no and i'm not expecting much from it to be honest. Anyways, the point is: to everyone who posted their comments, keep it up, it's very entertaining. I commend flea's bloodthirsty (HAHA) "fascist" comment - the word has always been a personal favourite of mine. all in good spirit. NOBODY PANIC! Waranga!
Nick 2007/06/07 9:57 PM
The Reaping The director of this film needs a fat PK... for all of you who know what that means...
Nrom 2007/06/11 2:53 PM
Flea - bag! Whats wrong with Tim Allen?
bertha 2007/06/12 3:06 AM
horror horror is out please forget about and show real issues for our children to learn
May 2007/06/15 2:16 PM
Flea for president Jeesh guys! It's only MOVIES!! You need to go mix with some real people 3-D people for a while...
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