The Simpsons Movie

2007-11-05 13:44
What it’s about

What it’s about? Well, not the stupid plot that’s for sure. The Simpsons movie, like the series, is about how the world works - and Bart making the eternal human battle between our inner Homer and our inner Lisa worthwhile, so that other people’s inner Marges will continue to love and forgive us.

What we thought

The Simpsons Movie is almost the best it could have been. The opening credits are even funnier than the opening sequence of the series. What’s Bart writing on the chalk board?

I Will Not Illegally Download this Movie
I Will Not Illegally Download this Movie
I Will Not Illegally Download this Movie
I Will Not Illegally Download this Movie

The first 40 minutes or so are perhaps the funniest minutes you'll spend in a cinema. The next forty or so aren’t as fantastic, because The Simpsons Movie makes the same mistake all series-to-cinema transitions do – they fall for the lure of high powered, expansive action, which just isn’t nearly as hilarious as Bart switching the baby’s dummy for a chili bite. (Just an example, keep your shorts on Ma.)

Still, it’s way funnier than South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999), and way more meaningful than Beavis and Butthead Do America (1996). Despite a few yawn-inducing action sequences, the writers and animators deliver enough surprises, star cameos, ambiguity and satire to keep you hooked. On that note, stay in your seat until ALL the credits have run. 'Cause Lisa said so.

- Jean Barker
The longest-running animated series in history finally hits the big screen - in stunning 2D!

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