The Sin Eater

2006-03-30 12:09

For centuries a secret Order has existed within the Church. Following a series of unexplained murders, renegade priest Father Alex Bernier begins an investigation that hurls him into a maelstrom of unimaginable evil, murder and the knowledge that there is a fate worse than death.

Father Bernier's search takes him to The Sin Eater--a key figure in this mysterious and ancient Order. The immortal Sin Eater's role is nothing less than playing God on earth by absolving the unforgiveable of their sins outside the Church, allowing greater evil to go unpunished.

Burdened by centuries of evil, the Sin Eater craves the luxury of death. But who will eat his sins and grant eternal peace? Who will carry on his dark tradition and continue the work of the Order? As the young priest uncovers the answers and pursues these paragons of evil, he fights to save his own soul and that of troubled artist Mara, the woman he loves.

What the critics are saying:

"...the biggest fear The Sin Eater brings is the thought that you may have to watch it again. Save us."
- Nev Pierce, BBCi

"...a load of risible, scarcely intelligible it came to be made and considered fit for general release are twin mysteries."
- Philip French, The Observer

"Ridiculous, frequently laughably bad religious thriller, made slightly odder by the fact that it reunites four of the people behind A Knight's Tale."
- Matthew Turner, View London

The team behind "A Knight's Tale" have stumbled badly with this tepid, badly written religious thriller. Heath Ledger fans beware.

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