The Single Mom's Club

2014-03-20 09:22
What it's about:

When their children are caught spray painting graffiti on school property, a group of four single mothers from different backgrounds have to work together as a group to chair the annual fundraiser.

When they get together to commiserate, they find shared empathy and start a support group for single moms. While searching for people to help with the fundraiser, they each meet a man.

What we thought:
This is another one of Tyler Perry’s stories about women. Yawn. This theme does become exhausting. And while I think this movie was filled with good intentions its portrayal of women leave much to be desired.

Five women from different walks of life, who would have never met any other way, although their children go to the same school, paths cross when they have to work together.

Enter stereotypes.

Hilary (Amy Smart) has been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle, a well off stay at home mom who has a full time staff. She is sheltered and naive. May (Nia Long) is a journalist trying to become a published author. Her son is constantly disappointed by his deadbeat dad and she tries to compensate. Jan (Wendi McLendon-Covey) is a high powered publishing executive who is trying to make partner and juggle being a mom and a career woman. Lytia (Cocoa Brown) is a struggling mom trying to make ends meets, she has a slew of children, absent baby daddies and two sons in prison. Rounding up the five is Esperanza (Zulay Henao) the sexy Latina who is still being controlled by her rich douche bag ex husband.

Culture and personality clashes abound, there is a cringeworthy scene where Jan refers to Lytia as a ‘strong, solid, black wall.’ Despite the rocky start the group develop a strong bond and the Single Moms Club comes into being. They offer each other support, parenting and love advice and babysitting which allows them to let their hair down and get some me time (strip clubs, karaoke, movies). And of course each of them meets a man. And then the group is tested.

As a cast the group works well together, each doing a good enough job at portraying their characters, but there weren’t any real standout performances. The plot and premise of the story is so predictable that there isn’t anything new the cast could bring to their characters.

It’s a feel good movie that I have no doubt will resonant with single moms and most women.  And even though the formula is tried and tested, there are some really funny moments that save this movie from being a total yawnfest.

While this movie is filled with good intentions, the tried and tested Tyler Perry formula leaves much to be desired.
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