The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

2006-11-03 09:17

On August 20th, 1973, police were dispatched to the remote farmhouse of Thomas Hewitt, the former head-skinner at a local slaughterhouse in Travis County, Texas. What they found was the butchered remains of 33 human victims, a discovery that horrified a nation in what many still refer to as the most notorious mass murder case of all time.

Wearing the grotesque flesh masks of his victims and brandishing a chainsaw, the killer, known as "Leatherface," would gain infamy when sensational headlines were splashed across newspapers throughout the state of Texas: "House of Terror Stuns Nation - Massacre in Texas."

Local authorities would eventually gun down a man wearing a leathery mask and declare they had their killer, which abruptly closed the case; however, in the years that followed, many close to the grisly murder case would come forward to level accusations that police had botched the investigation and knowingly killed the wrong man.

Now, for the first time, the only known survivor of the killing spree has broken the silence and come forward to tell the real story of what happened on a deserted rural Texas highway when a group of five young kids inadvertently found themselves besieged by a chainsaw-wielding madman, one who would leave a trail of blood and terror that would forever become known as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

What the critics are saying:

"...a gory, stylish, and occasionally scary push-button factory of shocks and shrieks remarkably better than anyone had the right to expect."
- Jamie Russell, BBCi Film

"All the bad-rehash mojo from Friday the 13th to The Blair Witch Project has infected Scott Kosar's script."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"Weakens, dilutes, disinfects and otherwise undermines the legacy of Tobe Hooper's 1974 original."
- Richard Harrington, Washington Post

This unnecessary "reimagining" of the classic, genre-defining original badly misses the mark, coming out gorier and yet much less scary.

Flea 2004/04/20 8:13 AM
Violent rubbish The first one was at least original and clever. This is just a holllow, MTV'd sell out. From Dusk Till Dawn
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