The Village

2006-03-30 12:43


"There are secrets in every corner of this village.
Do you not feel it? Do you not see it? "

- Lucius Hunt

At first glance the village seems utterly idyllic. Villagers live harmoniously alongside bountiful fields. However this close-knit community lives with the awful knowledge of the race of menacing creatures that dwell in the woods around them. So powerful is their fear of this lurking evil that no-one ever dares venture outside the village's borders.

Despite the advice of his elders, the free spirited Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix) has a burning desire to step beyond the boundaries of the town into the unknown. The town leader, Edward Walker (William Hurt) and his mother, Alice Hunt (Sigourney Weaver) both order him to stay at home and conquer his curiosity.

But when Lucius finds himself competing with the mischievous Noah Percy (Adrien Brody) for the affections of the beautiful Ivy Walker (Bryce Dallas Howard), he is driven to break the taboo and enter the woods.

Little does he know that his actions will unleash a tide of chaos on his home and end the truce between the village and the creatures forever.

What the critics are saying:

"The Village does require faith; you must commit to it. Go in with a snide attitude, desperate to see The Sixth Sense director fail, and you'll leave with your prejudices underpinned."
- Nev Pierce, BBCi Film

"In crafting a film about the ways fear can manipulate -- are there really creatures of mass destruction in the woods? -- Shyamalan gives the film a metaphorical weight that goes deeper than goose bumps."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"The Village is a colossal miscalculation, a movie based on a premise that cannot support it, a premise so transparent it would be laughable were the movie not so deadly solemn."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

A beautifully shot, deeply allegorical spine-tingler from the creator of "The Sixth Sense" that will disappoint some, but please many more.

Suzy 2004/11/05 3:15 PM
The Village? Don't bother Probably the worst movie I have seen in a long while. Trite, predictable and stereotypical. Although I did feel the acting was excellent, the lack of plot and depth in the script is limiting. Very dissapointing effort from the man who brought us Sixth Sense.
Omar 2004/11/08 12:53 PM
I liked it. Enjoyable. Drags a bit in the middle but with a nice twist in the end. Not as hardhitting as Sixth Sense though I'd recommend it.
christine 2004/11/09 3:39 PM
the village absolute rubish, so much for a spine tingling experience. Please do not waste your money seeing this movie
precious 2004/11/11 3:45 PM
enough it is a great movie i watch it almost everyday. and this time Jennifer outdid herself i'd recommend four out of five
Kate 2004/11/16 2:10 PM
The Village Not what you expect after watching the trailer but really good nevertheless. A beautifully shot movie. Bridget Jones - Edge of Reason
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