There Will Be Blood

2008-06-02 08:34
What it's about:

This epic period drama set in the turn of the century oil boom in America, explores the persona of the early self-made man in the form of Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis). Driven by his ambition, he has an uncanny instinct about human nature and is essentially isolated. Full of repressed self-loathing Plainview projects his hatred on those around him who inevitably come between him and his goals. There Will be Blood documents his hard work and megalomania as well as his empire-building, unraveling the complexities of his character inch by inch.

What we thought of it:

One man, one mission. There Will Be Blood is such a movie. It spans three decades in the life of Daniel Plainview from the early days of futile prospecting to his triumph after a lucky tip-off. There are no developed female characters and the men (with two exceptions) are weak reflections of Plainview himself. Even the landscape seems to mirror his personality and is correspondingly unforgiving and stark. You’ll spend 159 minutes mesmerised by every facial twitch, and brooding flicker of his flinty eyes. Intense and ominous this art-piece is definitely only for a patient and interested audience.

Plainview's nemesis presents himself in the form of Eli Sunday whose evangelical performances have a powerful sway over the oil workers and their families. Blood is inevitable as the two rival for influence in the community.

A powerful soundtrack composed by Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood adds depth and pathos to a sparse dialogue and roaming visuals. There's not as much blood as you might expect from the title, but what bloodshed there is is built up excruciatingly and executed viscerally. The potency of Day-Lewis' character recalls the ultra-violence of his memorable role as the butcher in Gangs of New York. This performance will undoubtedly be a strong Oscar contender.

- Christina Carstens

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Industry and religion develop side by side in the background of what is primarily a character study of a lone and menacing oil tycoon. Individualism and enterprise are explored in his brilliant performance.

Daniel Plainview 2008/02/08 11:03 AM
There Will Be No Release Before the Oscars Yo,, There Will Be Blood ain't being released today. It was supposed to be, but, predictably, the date was pushed back (to March 7th). For what reason? Probably to try and capitalise on the post-Oscar buzz, which is a daft, stupid move -- it's the pre-Oscar buzz that counts, especially for movies that, like There Will Be Blood, are unlikely to win Best Picture. (Face it, the Academy is made up largely of a bunch of aging conservatives who won't take too kindly to something as misanthropic as Anderson's film.) I give the local distributors 2 stars out of 5 (for the two movies that will be released prior to the ceremony). Poor show.
Zak 2008/02/08 3:14 PM
There will be blood.. I agree with Daniel's sentiment. I'm off to check Cloverfield this evening which was released 18/01/08 in the US. Beware Ster K: Stick to your new release date or there will be blood.
The Butcher 2008/03/07 2:53 PM
Surprise surprise And once again one of the best movies of the year is only released in 4 Ster Kinekor cinemas in Gauteng. This also happened to No Country for Old Men. But luckily Sydney White opened in 11 SK cine's. I was almost worried there for a second...
charl 2008/09/08 1:30 PM
there will be blood the most overated movie in years
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