To Save a Life

2010-06-04 10:01
To Save a Life

What it's about:

Jake and Roger grew up as best friends. But, in high school, Jake becomes a star athlete who has it all: A college scholarship and the perfect girl, an ideal life that comes at the exclusion of his childhood friend. Meanwhile, Roger no longer fits in anywhere and becomes tired of always being pushed aside. He makes a tragic move that spins Jake's world out of control. As Jake searches for answers, he beings a journey that will change his life forever.

What the critics thought:

"Produced with the best of intentions by a California church and directed without distinction by first-timer Brian Baugh, To Save a Life would be bland and boring even as a half-hour after-school special."
- Lou Lumenick, New York Post

"To Save a Life wants to rescue kids from the Satanic messages of Gossip Girl - a benign, even worthy enough objective, but must alternatives to empty, materialistic adolescence require baptism in the Pacific?"
- Melissa Anderson, Village Voice

"The film would be a mere nuisance if not for its shameless exploitation of school shootings to advance its agenda."
- Andy Webster, The New York Times

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