To the Power of Anne

2013-03-15 16:01
What it's about:

Anne Power was an A-list celebrity in the late 80s and 90s. She was married to renowned actor of stage and screen Bill Flynn, she was starring in feature films, performing cabaret and opening television shows. The entertainment world was her oyster. Then she turned 50, and it all stopped.

Now as a “woman of a certain age” she has been relegated to the D-list sidelines, being forced to attend the opening of the proverbial envelope and quite literally sing for her supper.

But, all hope is not lost. Anne has had a reality television crew assigned to her as she auditions for the lead in a new theatrical production, Woman of a Certain Age. She sees the reality show as a last-ditch effort to claw her way back into the hearts and minds of the South African public again.

With reality comes truth, and sometimes truth can be both embarrassing and painful in the harsh world of show business. Anne struggles financially, with lost fame, with those inner demons and themes of ageing and feeling irrelevant, so universal to women the world over.

This film is something new, something fresh – a true original. It takes the reality genre and turns it on its head, combining stellar performances from a hugely talented cast and a free flowing narrative taking us on an emotional musical roller-coaster ride as Anne fights to survive.

Who said 50 can't be fabulous?

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