2015-01-30 07:59
Whats it about:

Following an ace bicycle messenger in New York City as he tries to repay his debt to a group of organized criminals. However, his fast-paced world becomes even more explosive after crashing his bike into a sexy stranger (Marie Avgeropoulos).

What we thought:

At this point I feel sorry for Taylor Lautner. Since the Twilight Saga ended, he’s not had the best time with movies, stuck in a spiral of B-list films while his co-stars have had some notable roles and improved performances. Tracers is another one to add to his list, a film that had the potential for some great cinematic action sequences, but instead devolved into a forbidden love story in the underbelly of the parkour scene.

A bike messenger down on his luck meets a parkour queen and becomes interested in the street sport. But the deeper he gets into the scene, the more he realises how shady the people he hangs out with are. Oh, and of course he wants the girl but she is with someone else, but at least this time he wins her heart in the end.

Although Lautner’s credit might put you off the film (unless you’re Team Jacob), I thought the parkour would make for some badass sequences and great shots, but alas you’re subjected to the worst camera work I have ever seen in a feature film. And I would advise any editors to avoid the film at all costs. The editing will make you seasick and your brain hurt, but perhaps the poor guy was just trying to work with the terrible footage he got. The saddest part is that this film could have had a higher grading if it was technically good.

As for the plot, it’s like a modern, pervy rehash of Oliver Twist. A Fagin-like saviour that gives street kids a place to belong and in return they steal some stuff for him, only for him to turn out to be a vicious criminal. Except, he has a relationship with one of them, which makes him also look like a perv. Throw in some Chinese mobs and a tragic back story for Lautner, and you’ve got yourself an average but not completely awful story.

If you want to see some sick parkour moves and great shots, you’re better off browsing the Interwebs than pay for this cinematographic blasphemy. If you’re Team Jacob, then I guess go give your support. The poor guy needs to get out of the Twilight zone and into a decent movie.
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prince 2015/02/02 16:14
Lol you are cruel
Team Jacob 2015/02/05 15:31
I'm one of these called out members of team Jacob and a big fan of Taylor Lautner and I give my support for this movie. It's an OK action thriller for young adults. Not excellent but entertaining and no way as bad as Zietsman want it to be seen. Intentionally she forgot to mention, that Taylor Lautner does all his own stunts. Her review is volitional disgusting, cruel and insulting and does the movie no justice. "Although Lautner’s credit might put you off the film" is the worst prejudging phrase I've ever read in what review however (and I've read a lot about many movies and actors) and disqualifies Ziesman in the first place. But maybe nothing else can be expected from a self proclaimed movie expert and freelancer with 88 followers on twitter, who desperately wants to attract a little bit attention for herself.
June McKinley 2015/02/05 20:18
If this were a review by an intelligent/refined person it may be worrisome, but not so....This movie shows Lautner's physicality and personality to a "T".
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