2008-06-20 15:40
What it's about:

FBI cyber crime agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) heads up the team charged with capturing a killer who sets up his victims to die live online via webcam, their deaths connected with the number of hits his site receives. As he kidnaps more victims his notoriety grows and his site garners more popularity, causing the deaths to escalate. The FBI must race against time to find a faceless criminal with no apparent motives and no physical presence.

What we think of it:

You've seen this movie before in one form or another, be it Feardotcom or something from TV shows like "The X-Files" or "Millennium". Since the advent of the Internet there has been a thread of fiction concerned with how the net can be used to kill people – not by conveying an order to bomb something, but rather kill in the same way a bear trap would – sadistically with a whole lot of gore.

Untraceable sits up there with the Saw movies in its detailed execution set pieces and suffers from the same lack of credibility – how can one guy build this torture chamber in such a short time, catch his victim, and then do the site admin while throwing up bogus IP addresses to fool his pursuers? When the identity of the killer is revealed it's even more ludicrous. Most hardcore programmer nerds I've met would find it physically taxing to rearrange a small lounge, let alone construct a booby-trap-rigged lair of doom.

Thankfully, what Untraceable lacks in logic, it makes up in thrills. It's very well paced and the C-list cast do pretty well, with Diane Lane serving up a decent blend of Dana Scully and Clarice Starling. Joseph Cross exudes menace as the killer geek and is as creepy as you could hope for, but still, how did such a weed construct all those massive traps?

Although it contains nothing you haven't seen before, Untraceable is a gripping thriller that speeds along without too much distraction. The supposed questions of guilt and culpability are not really explored, but there are a few creative murders, which is rare for this sort of film. Not a bad night out, but nothing to write home about.

- Ivan Sadler

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A super-smart serial killer murders his victims live online when his site achieves the number of hits required to trigger his victim's death.

Kay 2008/04/23 3:20 PM
Untraceable It sounds like a good movie im goin to see the pre-screening of the movie today,i will confirm tomorrow if what i was think bout it is right
Kay 2008/04/24 8:52 AM
Untraceable Mhhh like i said i went to watch the Pre-Screening of the movie.the movie is okay even though you may predict the end of it.it made me realise that the citizen can go to extreme to see a killer accomplish their work.Ppl log in the website even though they knew dat the more they log in the faster the victim dies.Like Ivan said not a bad night out,however there is nothing much to say bout the movie
postit 2008/04/24 12:02 PM
reviews i hate the way u 24.com people review movies or anything for that matter. it seems like only the pessimistic or bordering or "sitting on the fence" type of people with bitter personalities are hired here.
post it 2008/04/24 12:03 PM
review2 meant to say bordering on cynical,
gfhkjjkn 2008/08/18 4:53 PM
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