Van Wilder 2

2007-05-08 15:35
What it’s about:

Van Wilder’s partying protégé from the first film, Taj Badalandabad (Kal Penn), travels to a posh UK college in “Camford”, to continue his studies. Upon arrival, he is humiliated by members of the snobby fraternity, the Fox and Hounds, and sent to stay in the ramshackle “barn” with the various misfits on campus. He takes on the system, unites his underdog students, and attempts to win the heart of intellectual beauty Charlotte (Lauren Cohen) while having his house compete for the campus cup.

What we thought of it:

Van Wilder 2 sets a new low for lazy, craftless filmmakers everywhere. Marketed as a comedy, it has more in common with a test pattern than anything resembling humour. The plot of nerds vs. the popular students has once again been recycled, allowing for a number of weak set pieces to played out against the backdrop of a thinly disguised combination of Cambridge and Oxford.

Kal Penn is capable of solid comedic performances, but in Van Wilder 2 he is content to drift along nonchalantly with a smug expression firmly glued onto his face. At least in the first Van Wilder, he showed some variation in his transition from horny nerd to party guy. All the other characters are blatant stereotypes, dumbed down for audiences of toddlers or ignorant Americans. We have the violent Irishman; the slutty heavy drinking cockney girl; the stuttering nerd; the snobby, impotent, pompous son of an aristocrat; and the beautiful intelligent girlfriend of the villain, who is just looking for a rebel to show her how to let loose.

The humour certainly plays the percentages, all lowbrow toilet humour and smut, but it's so poorly and predictably executed, that every joke falls flat. There may as well be a voice-over explaining what will happen before it does. “Here we have the head of the rival fraternity slipping Taj’s dog some Viagra laced food before the dog show, so the dog will become aroused and humiliate Taj. Taj swops the food back, the rivals’ dog gets the dose, and they are humiliated instead of Taj. Watch the scene, and don’t forget to laugh at the end.”

Even the forgiving target market of teenage boys will be sorely disappointed. There are only two brief scenes with naked breasts and some very tame attempts at gross out humour, as well as a “joke” every five minutes of someone stumbling over Taj’s surname. If you spend the whole night standing outside a shopping mall smoking cigarettes and talking to your friends, you will have a thousand times more fun, guaranteed.

Please, do yourself a favour and avoid this rubbish. Avoid it even if you come across a free pirate copy, or someone offers to pay for your ticket, because you will only end up regretting the time that you wasted watching it. The projector broke down twice during the press screening, and I actually prayed that it would be irreparable, so that I could leave. One person laughed once during the entire thing, and I’m guessing it was because he received a funny sms. There is so little to Van Wilder 2 that it hardly even qualifies as a film at all, and it is not even worth a second of your time.

- Ivan Sadler
Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj is a comedy so weakly written and so poorly made it barely qualifies as a film. Avoid it at all costs.

Deric 2007/03/13 4:15 PM
Agreed... total crap Don't bother. Glad I did not see it at the Cinema. Waste of money this is!
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