Vantage Point

2008-06-19 09:21
What it's about:

The American president is in Spain for a summit against terrorism, and as he steps up to the podium, he is shot in the chest. Now it's up to the Secret Service to piece the mystery together with clues they uncover from six different peoples' vantage points.

What we thought of it:

Nothing makes a bad film worse than watching it six times over. Like a six-patty burger, it sounds great – but how do you get your lips around it? An overload of cheese and the inevitable mess makes for an unappetising movie, er… I mean meal.

The story is old: an American president under threat, good guys, bad guys, guns, bombs, car chase, smoke and mirrors. And although you won't feel the urge to get up and leave because you keep getting thrown attention-grabbing twists and diversions, when the lights come back on you walk out dissatisfied.

With all the rewinding and re-telling there's no space for character development. Too much emphasis is put on the form – the six vantage points – and not enough attention is given to the story. It's like rooting for Miss Universe until she opens her mouth and says "world peace".

Although Vantage Point should be commended for making active viewers out of the audience, its technique is tacky, there are several plot holes and with every re-tell there's a twist. So, be sure to focus on one spot or else you might come out a little light headed.

- Natalie Sineke

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Ever watched a movie with someone who keeps rewinding to catch something they missed? Well it's just like watching Vantage Point.

Winston 2008/04/28 1:46 PM
Too much rewind I agree, the first half of the movie I just wanted to walk out with the continual rewind to different vantage points but the latter of the movie was at least a lot better and enjoyed it a lot more once they moved out of the square.
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