Veronica Guerin

2006-03-30 12:09

In the mid-1990s, Dublin was nothing short of a war zone, with a few powerful drug lords battling for control. Their most fearsome opponent was not the police, but the courageous journalist Veronica Guerin, who covered the crime beat with unmatched intensity.

As she investigated and exposed the "pushers," balancing her home and family against her responsibility to her readers and her country, she became a national folk heroine to the people of Ireland; each attempt on her life only galvanized her legend.

Her brutal murder in 1996 forced a dramatic revision of Ireland's laws and, as well, led to the arrests of the nation's top criminals.

What the critics are saying:

"...ultimately descends into the kind of tabloid sensationalism surely not befitting the no-nonsense journalist."
- Stella Papamichael, BBCi

"Leave it to Joel Schumacher, a populist filmmaker with a knack for oversimplifying complex subject matter, to turn Veronica Guerin into a piece of crude, bland hero worship."
- Nicholas Schager, Slant

"Cate Blanchett is a vital presence as Veronica and should have romantic teenagers lining up to get into journalism school."
- Philip French, The Observer

A complex, multi-layered true story about the murder of crusading reporter has been flattened into a clumsy, generic fable.

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