2006-03-30 13:27


Dean (Justin Long) has never questioned his job at ShenaniganZ, the local chain restaurant, where he's worked as a waiter for four years since leaving high school. But when he learns that Chett, a high school classmate, now has a lucrative career in electrical engineering, he's thrown into turmoil about his dead-end life. Dean's friend Monty (Ryan Reynolds) is in exactly the same boat, but he couldn't care less. More concerned with partying and getting laid by underage girls, Monty is put in charge of training Mitch (John Francis Daley), a shy new employee. Over the course of one chaotic shift, Mitch gets to know the rest of ShenaniganZ's quirky staff: Monty's tough-talking ex-girlfriend, Serena (Anna Faris); the over-zealous manager, Dan (David Koechner); and head cook Raddimus (Luis Guzman), who's obsessed with a senseless staff-wide competition known only as "The Game"...

What the critics are saying:

"The characters in Waiting... seem like types, not people. What they do and say isn't funny because someone real doesn't seem to be doing or saying it."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"The sophomorically crude comedy Waiting... confirms your worst suspicions about both the staff in chain restaurants -- and indie filmmakers desperate to be noticed."
- Lou Lumenick, New York Post

"It is gross, crude and senseless, and yet I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions."
- Tanya Farber, The Star

This "gross-out" comedy about frustrated youngsters working in a restaurant is more likely to turn your stomach than tickle your funny bone.

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