2007-10-08 13:01
What it’s about:

Jenna is going nowhere. As a waitress in a quaint pie diner her days are filled by insipidly waiting on tables and her nights by satisfying her dim husband. The only pleasure in her life is creating heavenly pies. But just when things couldn’t get any worse, Jenna discovers she's pregnant. And to add insult to injury, she's strangely attracted to her neurotic gynaecologist.

What we thought of it:

Waitress is at best of times kooky and at worst off the wall. It's the unusual comedy of this standard chick flick that will stop you from walking out the cinema and often leave you asking "WTF?!"

The quirky dialogue often borders on the absurd, but is still amusing as the actors settle into their respective characters comfortably. Keri Russell proves she's more than just a head of hair and Nathan Fillion appears to have a couple of comedic bones in his body. Unfortunately their onscreen chemistry is about as steamy as a two-day-old piece of pecan nut pie.

Andy Griffith takes a departure from his Matlock persona and adds fatherly warmth to the film while Jeremy Sisto unleashes his inner dimwit as Jenna's overbearing husband Earl.

With this amount of star quality it's a pity the heartwarming comedy doesn't have much depth. But if you're looking for a feel-good quick fix that's enjoyable to watch and offers a few laughs, Waitress makes for a pretty decent Thursday evening breather.

- Megan Kakora
This quirky comedy about flawed people in everyday situations is the kind of lighthearted escapism that will leave you both smiling and puzzled.

Ronel 2007/08/24 12:34 PM
Waitress I have always been a fan of Keri Russel, so this is a real ladies movie to be seen with a bunch of Girl friends
Kulani 2007/08/24 12:35 PM
Waitress Da movie was good,however didnt like da end coz they havent showed where da baby father(Earl) was en what appened to da doctor en his feelings,maybe there will be a part two i would really love to watch it en see hwat happend to them.
maria loock 2007/08/24 12:35 PM
Waitress A really feel-good movie
Duan Gouws 2007/08/24 12:38 PM
Waitress girly movie. Enjoyed it. If it was not for the doctor's car the movie could have played of a few decades ago. Life stood still in that little town. Good old country style, simple life, charm.
Amanda Fourie 2007/08/24 12:40 PM
Waitress a must see chick flick
Claudine 2007/08/24 12:46 PM
Waitress Enjoyed it. Quite funny as my husband's name is also Earl.
Zdenka Thorne 2007/08/24 1:03 PM
WAITRESS Good,wholesome movie, perhaps lacking a bit of depth in the actual story.
Lena 2007/08/24 1:04 PM
Waitress We loved the movie very much, we thought that it was both happy and sad, my husband who don`t like sitting for long enjoyed it thoroughly. Kerri played her roll very good. I hope some of the young people will watch it, because it teach you about the choices you made in life!
Bevin Jacobs 2007/08/24 1:21 PM
Waitress Good movie. Enjoyable to watch.
Brian 2007/08/24 1:40 PM
Waitress It was a good movie. It started a bit slow, but once it got hold of me it was enjoyable to watch. As I have read this is the movie where Jenna wanted to promote herself as an actress. She was ok. At times not the best acting but good, she might have a promising moving. I would recommend this movie to all the ladies in the house looking for a light love story with some humor attached to it.
Tania 2007/08/24 1:46 PM
Waitress Well I am sorry, but I did not enjoy the movie. This affair thing just doesn't do it for me. I did like Kerry though. She should have beaten the crap out of her husband.
Thomas 2007/08/24 1:54 PM
Waitress A real life drama. I enjoyed it. Think people can relate to characters in one way or another. Stuff like this really does happen in the real life, scary but true…
Helga 2007/08/24 2:07 PM
waitress Good movie, it was funny but also very sad. I had to tell everybody at work about the movie.
Errol gardner 2007/08/24 2:34 PM
WAITRESS My guest and I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. Whilst very funny there was always a reality check about what really happens in marriages and whilst we should not poke fun at marital woes we must view the movie with an open mind
Emilie Bogershausen 2007/08/24 2:42 PM
Waitress I enjoyed the movie. It was nice to just sit and watch without having to try and figure out what the "plot" was.
Toto Konco 2007/08/24 2:59 PM
Waitress We enjoyed the movie thoroughly, a good story line, humerous, all the attributes of an enjoyable movie. I'm so much into action movies so it came as a surprise for me to enjoy this kind of a movie. Beautiful indeed.
Jenny Whittal 2007/08/24 3:45 PM
Waitress Easy to watch & enjoy. Light fun Thanks for the tickets
Jackie Nel 2007/08/24 3:59 PM
Bittersweet Romance I enjoyed the "Waitress" - I thought more of a bittersweet romance than a romantic comedy. It had its light side in her fling with her young Doctor and her friends relationships. Her relationship with her husband brings home the reality of the lives of some women with domineering husbands and the feelings of being trapped in the relationship. I feel there is more to this film than meets the eye.
Lourens Schoeman 2007/08/24 4:13 PM
Waitress I thought first this is going to be a normal "chick flick", but I must say I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tickets
cheryl 2007/08/24 4:45 PM
Waitress Thanks very much for the tickets. Enjoyed the easy plot and the light hearted story. Thanks again
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