Wasted on the Young

2011-09-09 10:18
What it's about:

In a high-end cliquey private school, handsome and vicious Zack (Alex Russell) rules the roost with a manipulatively smooth touch. But when his attempts at flirtation are dismissed by smart, self-assured Xandrie (Adelaide Clemens), he's more than miffed by the rejection. Xandrie, meanwhile, is far more interested in Darren (Oliver Ackland), Zack's own, albeit much shyer, step-brother.

Zack decides to exact his revenge for the slight and throws one of his famous parties in his family's high-tech minimalist mansion during which Xandrie is drugged and locked in the basement with Zack and his boys, only to wake up the next day bloody and abandoned on a beach.

What the critics thought:

"Without question one of the most striking Australian films of the past five years, director Lucas stamps his visual style on a very contemporary - and at times very confronting - teen revenge story." -  Simon Weaving, Screenwize

"Sadly the plot falls short of its director's aspirations, and given his obvious filmic talents this is all the more disappointing." - Beth Wilson, Trespass

"Wasted on the Young is a slick and striking film that presents a disturbingly recognisable world of plutocratic rule in the dark heart of Australian society." - Thomas Caldwell, Cinema Autopsy

"Stylistically striking and featuring a clutch of stunning performances from emerging local talent, this is a remarkable achievement sure to generate discussion." - Annette Basile, FILMINK (Australia)

A young woman finds her reputation is at stake when she refuses to date a charming bully.
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