Wedding Date

2006-03-30 13:06


Kat Ellis's (Debra Messing) worst nightmare is about to come true. Not only is her younger, half-sister, Amy (Amy Adams), getting married before her, but to add insult to injury, the groom's best man is Kat's ex-fiancee. Two years after being dumped, Kat can't bear to attend the festivities alone, so she does the next best thing: she hires an escort to play her boyfriend. Her rented date, Nick (Dermot Mulroney), fits the bill perfectly. He's handsome, intelligent, well spoken, intuitive, and a perfect gentleman--a virtual bargain at $6,000. The plan? Make Kat's ex sorry that he ever let her go.

But the plan takes a turn when Kat finds herself attracted to Nick, and the feeling seems to be mutual. But will their business arrangement stand in the way of a relationship? And just what is it that Kat's ex has been dying to tell her?

What the critics are saying:

"The Wedding Date presents the curious case of two appealing performances surviving a bombardment of schlock."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"So many body parts from other engineered romantic comedies have been crudely harvested and stitched together in the making of this weird robotic lark that Maid of Honor of Frankenstein might be more useful a nickname."
- Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"Dana Fox's script is all setup, skimping on the quirky character touches and comedic flourishes that could make a predictable outcome gratifying."
- Jan Stuart, Newsday

This romantic comedy has a charming cast in Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney, but the material is just too tired and bland to make it worth watching.

Nicky van der Linde 2005/06/13 8:37 AM
Wedding Date a Nice story teaching you not to mess with the course of love. I am a romantic and just love a story with romance and just a bit of humor. I enjoyed it! Wedding Date
Shana 2005/06/13 3:36 PM
The Wdding Date I have to agree with the reviews given -this movie could have been so much better (especially considering Dermot Mulroney is in it). It's entertaining but falls flat very early on in the movie. Still enjoyable but predictable.
Shareef Galvaan 2005/07/04 1:30 PM
Guess who I think it was hilarious in general, however, sometimes a bit over the top. Braveheart
Althea 2005/07/04 4:05 PM
Wedding Date It was absolutely beautiful. The sayings and the hidden tenderness just brought on more and more tears. A definite girlie "must see" and as soon as the DVD is available a "must have" Absolutely
melissa 2005/07/30 10:28 AM
wedding date thrillers the house
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