Welcome to the Sticks

2009-06-29 17:11
Welcome to the Sticks

Philippe Abrams (Ken Merad) is a post office manager in the beautiful southern city of Salonde-Provence. His wife Julie's frequent bouts of depression make his life a living hell. In an effort to raise her spirits, Philippe tries to cheat his way into a transfer to the French Riviera. But when he is found out, he gets sent to a little town in northern France called Bergues.

The Abrams are tried-and-true southerners whose prejudicial view of the north is one of horror - biting cold, and louts who speak a garbled and incomprehensible dialect called ch'timi. Philippe will go alone. To his great surprise, he finds himself in a charming place, working with people who are warm, friendly and welcoming. He makes a friend - Antoine, the village postman and carillon player, who has a tough-luck love-life and a possessive mother.

When Philippe goes back to Salon, Julie refuses to believe that he likes it up north. In fact, she's convinced he's lying to preserve her feelings. To satisfy her and make his life simpler, Philippe leads her to believe that he is indeed having a terrible time of it in Bergues.

From that moment on, he sinks deeper and deeper into a comfortable lie. For two week intervals, he and Antoine have a grand old time up north and then, every other weekend, he is pampered and consoled by his wife who, little by little, overcomes her depression. Everything goes just fi ne until Julie decides to join Philippe in Bergues, to help him through what she believes is a terrible ordeal.

Philippe is forced to admit to Antoine and the rest of his staff that he has described them to his wife as a bunch of barbarians. He begs them to behave as such in order to cover his lie and scare Julie into leaving as quickly as possible. Philippe's employees reluctantly go along with this
masquerade and give Julie the worst time of her life.

A man born and raised on France's Southern coast is exiled to the Northern territories in this warm-hearted comedy.

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